• Neil Soans
    Neil Soans
    Times Of India


    Although the film presents some interesting concepts regarding the survival of one species over another, it doesn’t change the fact that ‘Covenant’ is by-and-large, a rehash of several elements that made the series work in the first place, and does little to propel it into compelling territory. Clearly there’s not much left to explore in this ‘Alien’ world and fans would be better off revisiting the first two classics to find their screams again.

  • Most of it may seem like a repeat of what we’ve seen before but it’s the sheer elegance in the dramatic flow that keeps your interest going. Even the uncluttered background score allows for a soothing evocation that stays with you. This film may not entirely live-up to everyman’s expectations but it’s certain to keep the fans ruminating over the many questions it has unleashed.

  • It’s difficult to figure out what other surprises are left from the Xenomorphs — as of now it feels exhausting to watch another movie waiting for the eggs to attack not very smart people on a space ship. Perhaps it’s time to let someone else take a stab at this. Neil Blomkamp, with his proficiency in military hardware depicted in cinema and a good screenwriter would probably be a good choice.