• Nagma
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    If you have a fairly good understanding of the current political scenario in India, then the film may not appear to be a surprise package.
    Irwing (Christian Bale) a married businessman based in New York meets Sydney (Amy Adams)and takes on a partnership to earn fast money by becoming con experts.
    However, their hidden crime is soon detected by FBI and agent David (Bradley Cooper) gets them arrested. Subsequently, puts a condition of getting the charges dropped against them if they help him expose the Congressmen involved in the ongoing corruption in the Atlantic City.
    I would say that our bollywood movies are equally competent in showcasing such political drama especially with the onset of multiple sting operations against the existing political leaders and mafias. The only difference is that this movie boasts of the American "FBI" sting operation technology (video recording)as early as 1978.
    Makeover of Christian Bale as a man in his mid-40s is splendid along with his superb acting. Bradley Cooper is charming and brilliant as always.
    But the main attraction is Christian Bale's wife (Jennifer Lawrence). Her dialogue delivery is awesome and puts a dominant presence to her character even though she does not have a major role in the movie.
    All in all the movie basically belongs to Christian Bale who witnesses an entire turn of events in his life affecting his family, his business and of course himself.
    But mind you! No matter how intelligent Christian's character is, this character is not as powerful as to outsmart the multiple con experts existing in India! Oscar nominated movie but didn't seem to be that worth watching. One time watch I would say!!

    April 18, 14
  • Sachi
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    American Hustle is again an OSCAR Nomination movie..not because it is so good, but because it has everything to please the American people..hatred for the IRS...Desire to Con anyone...and lastly to relive the past glory USA enjoyed in the 80's... and OF COURSE it goes without saying that the OSCARS are rigged and a sweet lollipop trophy to mostly all American..just to show to the world how elite they really are...Coming to the movie...it just seems the cinematography was drunk throughout the film making because the camera was focusing here..there..everywhere like someone on drugs !! Well the movie should be named...Hustler of the World..America !!

    January 20, 14