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    I am giving in my political opinion here, since I can do this. It is a documetary about one of the most talked-about, joked-about and really well-loved for most part politician who entered from the back door ajd undeniably took the country by storm- this man, Aravind Kejariwal, with shirt not tucked into the oddly fitted trousers, a dusty pair of eye-glasses just of the right number. A common man's appearance he has. But that Gandhian-style topi that he wears- the one which has a broom printed over it- that has made all the talk, all the resonance.
    I don't really like his work. I don't really like his party, called 'Aam Aadmi Party' (translated as a Common Man's Party), or 'AAP'. It seems to reflect YOU, but for me, it signifies nothing. Now, see the pollution levels Delhi has, already!
    But as a document of the life of this ordinary, generic man- this not-so-extraordinary politician, this... this common man slog, the film 'An Insignificant Man' stands out as an extraordinary one. It raises questions, suppresses the answers when they want to rise and present themselves, pose another questions and yet again, leave no room for the answers. But the questions make you go for the film. The magic is in details- the answers needn't rise. The languid pace, the original texture and rationality in the common-ness delivers it all. It's readings make it a farirly done, engrossing and well-appointed story in these regressively tonal times.
    Finally, a bio-pic that doesn't bio-fuck. A superbly made, standout story of the man, whom, atleast I don't really appreciate. The dynamics of non-politics now appeal.

    November 09, 19