• Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    There is a lot happening in these 140 minutes, and in an attempt to look intelligent, director Khan goes overboard with his hide and seek. The non-linear narrative helps him hide important story arcs from us, which when revealed make you go "wow", but the wowness only stays for a minute because the next wow factor is on its way. This is the reason why Baaghi 2 is not great. Some crisp editing and a faster pack-up would have made it a tighter and more relishable recipe. As it is, Baaghi 2 is engaging and worth a shot to quench your action genre starvation. TN.

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    March 31, 18
  • Mohit Aggarwal
    Mohit Aggarwal
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    This is also one of the action centered movie wrapped around a loose script. The movie is full of waste kidnapping mystery and ended up with a disappointing climax.
    Great actors Manoj bajpai and randeep hooda didn't able to save the movie.
    Randeep hooda done a great job in character of police officer dressed up in jack sparrow like costume named LSD.

    Overall the movie is good for people looking for action but if u r looking for good movie this will be disappointing.

    April 07, 18