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    I love watching films that come out with a social message. I also like thrillers with a good locational setting and a type of music which gives the feel of an urban, modern, stylish thriller. BLOOD MONEY is one of those films. Despite of the very fact that many critics panned it for being repetitive, I liked it very much.

    BLOOD MONEY teaches us a lot from various of its characters and scenes. The film being the story of a common man appeals and connects with everyone. This is a film which can teach a lot even to the youth. Besides, the story and screenplay are both excellent, well packaged and paced with lots of thrills that keep you to the edge of your seat. There's hardly a single dull moment throughout the entire film.

    Kunal Kemmu gives a very controlled, enthusiastic, powerful performance and proves that he's a star-level actor. He's the best man in the entire film. Amrita Puri too acts as per her role, but at various places seems to go a little overboard and dramatic during dialogue delivery. Manish Chaudhary steals the show as the villain who has perfect lines to speak. Other actors like Teeshay etc too keep us engaged.

    The best part of the film is its music: every song is a gem and you can't resist listening it again and again. That's also the biggest plus point. The locations and cinematography are both worth watching out for. The dialogues are another major strength, as they project the correct situation of the present day society and the characters. The fight sequences are well executed and filmed with excellence. The visual work is also top notch. Also, the film doesn't deviate from the story telling. The editor has done a great job by keeping an engaging runtime of 1 hour and 49 minutes.

    Overall, BLOOD MONEY is a film definitely worth your time and money, apart from your love. This is a film which can also be an eye opener for the society. A must watch!

    July 17, 17