• Rakshit Raina
    Rakshit Raina
    35 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    This is LIFE! Movie don't get any better than this!

    October 31, 15
  • Omkar Joshi
    Omkar Joshi
    17 reviews
    Senior Reviewer

    One of the best movies in 2014.
    The movie seized me!
    “The movie shoot over period of 12 years of a boy named Mason”, that thought itself is an award winning and appraisable. Huge thanks to the movie maker and team for bringing such a great concept over to cinemas.
    Now as far as story telling is concerned, the viewer will relate this one to himself or herself. If we think about our past, what things we will remember? …. Not all the things as they are PAST things, anybody is likely to forget those things.
    But everybody is aware of all “Important” , life changing, memorable, happy, sad, things happened and we will keep them, remember them for the rest of our life.
    That’s all, this is the exact topic of this movie. All the things told, instructed, explained to Mason are directly or indirectly applicable to all of us. We can learn and make our life better through all of these experiences of Mason shared with us. I mean this movie was one the best example for our kids when they are turning into their teenage.
    Rating 5/ 5

    July 17, 15
  • ArKa BaRua
    ArKa BaRua
    9 reviews

    Nothing can beat this.

    Really greatly directed every part of any average boy..
    Maximum of us had gone through this kind of life, really touching.

    All stages just perfectly directed.
    All this hard work really deserved to be at no. 1 position for richard.

    Just love u man...

    December 05, 16
  • Andrea
    1 review

    This movie was a passage to somnia - boring in the excruciating extreme. My family has more interesting home movies (without sound) of us kids passing from the awkward phases of childhood into adolescence than this piece of dreck. At least Mom and Dad taught us to ENUNCIATE from a fairly early age.
    If the Academy judges Boyhood to be best picture this year I will know for sure that its system of voting and toadying is nothing but politics.

    January 23, 15
  • Sagar Sabharwal
    Sagar Sabharwal
    2 reviews

    How can such a simple subject and such a simple story, which could have otherwise been another teen movie, become a cult classic? Watch boyhood for the answer. Their's something for everyone in this movie and this is actually once in a lifetime watch.

    January 15, 15