• B.Pavan Kumar
    B.Pavan Kumar
    2 reviews

    Dear film viewers,

    Bipasha's action, Imran abbas action,a melody song, background score, graphics

    few thrilling scenes
    comparison of this low budget indian movie with huge budget hollywood movies

    I appreciate the attempt made by the director vikram bhatt for directing this kind of movie. if you want to watch this film dont keep hollywood films in your mind.Don't compare this movie with them.b'coz the budget of hollywood movies is huge.

    director did well in his job. definitely, you will get thrilled by the effects.the expressions and emotions of bips are nice, imran abbas justified his role. the first song in this movie draws your attention it is a nice melody. But remaining songs are not that much impressive.plot is well balanced. dialogues are good. screenplay is nice.climax is interesting.

    September 19, 14