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Demonte Colony

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Demonte Colony is a film that is supposedly based on a real-life incident. One of the eerie places in Chennai over the years has been the Demonte Colony in Alwarpet, which has been lying vacant for nearly two centuries. When the protagonist and his friends try to uncover the hidden secrets of this mysterious place, they encounter a terrifying incident. Who is the ghost in the house? Does it belong to the Portuguese businessman who once lived an unhappy life in the same house?Wikipedia

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Demonte Colony Reviews

Almost entirely shot in a single room with no gruesome ghosts or unnecessary build up, the director has skilfully created the eerie atmosphere, with incessant rain, a subtle aura of menace, unsophisticated characters and underlying hint of truth. The film is undoubtedly a fine attempt by the debutant director. Definitely worth a watch.

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Whilst the movie as a wholesome product is good, there are enough things that would need fingers pointed at. The climax doesn’t give a fulfilling finish and leaves us out scratching heads to wonder if the end was a convincing one. The film is touted as a horror flick, however those “Thrills” and “scary moments” are not many to boast about, its more of a fear that lingers through the screenplay and doesn’t give those shocking moments which are very much essential for a horror movie. Yet, the screenplay is what makes the movie more interesting and grips through the end.

Kudos to the director for choosing a horror subject in his debut movie and delivering it in the best way possible. Demonte Colony is not for the weak-hearted.

Toting up, Demonte Colony made by talented technicians is worth a watch when you want to get spooked.


In spite of losing punch towards the end, Demonte Colony is one those rare films where Thought, Writing & Execution have come together admirably with the ingenious set-pieces & smart technical support proving to be a solid backbone.

Audience Reviews for Demonte Colony

  • Karthik
    2 reviews

    1st of all the film was too good..star casting was perfect..All did their part nicely..Especially Depak thilak and Arulnidhi was just awesome to watch and their acting was natural.screen play was nice..thriller also good but expected little more horror and thriller in between the film.Loved enjoying Horror @ Demonte Colony...Superb work team..expecting more very soon with even more stuffs..

    June 17, 15