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Raja (Kamal R. Khan) leaves the rural life behind and heads for the big city of Mumbai to pursue his dreams. But when he inadvertently gets involved in a drug deal gone bad soon after his arrival, everything is put into jeopardy. He meets the lovely Sonia (Gracy Singh), who works for a notorious narcotics dealer to pay for her young brother's care. Now, Raja is trying to save their lives in this drama that co-stars Harshita Bhatt and Kim Sharma.Wikipedia

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  • Prashast Singh
    Prashast Singh
    34 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Very rarely do people come across such "mastsrpieces" overloaded with extreme silliness and tomfoolery. DESHDROHI is a masterpiece in this regard. The makers wanted to make an action, crime, drama and thriller film but ended up making a comedy film indeed. I had a great laugh at the poorly written and delivered dialogues, bad general knowledge of the lead actor, funny fight scenes and what not. But it's true it wasn't supposed to be a comedy film, that's why it's an epic Disaster.

    The self proclaimed critic KRK, who's hardly liked by anyone, proves why. Well there's nothing to talk about this guy as everyone knows. The scenes involving him fighting and delivering one liners are unintentionally so funny that you'll even get pain in your mouth. Surprisingly, there's a presence of big actors too and they do nothing except showering extremely downing performances.

    The screenplay is weak, extremely and rather so much that it irritates at a point. Songs after song irritates. Action scenes are poorly choreographed and laughable to watch, with even more hilarious BGM. Dialogues are spoken in such a funny way one will die laughing. Though a fistful of shots are good, it's regrettable to say that even emotional scenes look funny. KRK's voice: When he's getting beaten, shot or even crying: is so funny that it makes you think whether DESHDROHI is any film or a spoof.

    What's good is the writer's dig at the situation north Indians face in states like Maharashtra. But, The present situation has changed a lot. The film is a blatant effort to turn a shoddy looking guy into a gangster-esque hero who can remember the names of freedom fighters but can't tell the right number of states in India (Laugh and feel ashamed!). In other words, the film had potential, but a bad casting and laughable execution killed the film entirely.

    The film goes some bit above disastrous verdict in a few parts in the first half where I thought I could rare it 1/5, but the film after that second half was so cringe-inducing, that I thought 0.5/5 is the best for the film. People either just keeping shouting or try making you shout. It's not that it's entertaining if it's unintentionally funny. It's quite boring too. Negative reactions keep coming out from your mouth while watching it.

    The music is bad. Editing was...just leave it. Every other department underscores. Even visually the film doesn't engage you. I was myself surprised how I couldn't remember the last scene I watched. It was that bad.

    Overall, DESHDROHI is an epic masterpiece disaster which is worth skipping for life. I just wanted to risk my sleep, my peace and my silence, and thus I watched it. And now I realized the essence of the film's title. It needs not to be told that even making such films is called Deshd...Disciplined people like me and many can use decent words but haters can even turn to abuses. What else to say? A big DISASTER (Sorry makers, don't take it personally. There are many people who have similar opinions, how many would you be unhappy with?) Note: For more fun and laughter, check the film's budget and collection at Boxofficeindia.com.

    July 17, 17