• Ajay lawyer
    Ajay lawyer
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    big minus is story and cast of d film

    July 24, 17
  • Prashast Singh
    Prashast Singh
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    (Written in 2013)

    Dhoom 3- A film that had become very much popular before its release. I thought to celebrate new year by watching this film and this is the best action genre film of the year 2013.

    The action scenes have been made in such a clean way, that they are going to bind the audiences with lots of whistles and applauses. All actors did well, only Katrina Kaif disappointed the most. I was just trying to avoid looking at her as she did not act at all. All actors except her delivered heart winning performances. The visual effects also worked well and emerged as masterpiece. The songs Malang and Dhoom Tap were the best ones.The locations,along with Uday Chopra's perfect comic timing made it an international standard Indian film.And also, the bikes- they were the best!!!

    On the whole, Dhoom 3 is a blockbuster entertainer with high-voltage action scenes and an emotional climax and wonderful locations. It is a must watch for all!!!

    July 17, 17
  • Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
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    The franchise trend has been in vogue in the West for many years now, but it has been picking up in Bollywood in the past few years. Actually working on a sequel can be like a double edged sword as it could either work wonders or get bogged down by the expectations. Some of the prominent franchise films has been "Krrish" & "Dhoom" to name a few, and incidentally both have releases this year with "Krrish 3" smashing box office records. Can "Dhoom 3" replicate something similar???

    The film unfolds in 1990 in the Windy City where The Great Indian Circus is on the brink of extinction. Iqbal (Jackie Shroff), the owner of the establishment owes a huge debt to the Western Chicago bank but all his efforts for an extension in repayment fell on deaf ears which entices him to suicide. Seeing his father breathe his last in front of his eyes, Sahir (Aamir Khan) vows to avenge his death & embarks on a mission to destroy the bank. The modus operandi flabbergasted the Chicago Police as they had no clue to the identity of the looter except for the image of a clown & a slanderous Hindi statement which prompts them to seek the help of ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) & Inspector Ali (Uday Chopra). So will they be able to nab the mastermind???

    After having scripted the previous two prequels, Vijay Krishna Acharya is entrusted with the task of helming the new sequel. For a person who delivered an abysmal film like "Tashan", I frankly didn't have much expectations but he has definitely done better with respect to that. However, when compared with the previous films, 'Dhoom 3" disappoints big time as the thrills are far & few. The action sequences are excellently choreographed but it's pretty monotonous. Sudeep Chatterjee's visuals were impressive but Ritesh Soni should have done a better job with the editing as it's damn long. Vaibhavi Merchant has done a fantastic job with the choreography especially "Malang" touted as the most expensive dance sequence picturised exquisitely. Pritam's music was average at best while the BGM was fine.

    Aamir Khan has done an impressive role as the protagonist along with Siddharth Nigam (young Aamir), though I feel Hrithik was undoubtedly the best villain the franchise had till now in all aspects. Uday Chopra provides the comic relief, Abhishek Bachchan puts on a scowl most of the times while Katrina barely had much to do except for some aerobics which she executed brilliantly.

    Verdict: As expected, the film will have a earth shattering initial & will have the box office records tumbling. The 100 crore mark is barely a benchmark now & it should saunter its way into the 200 crore club. For a movie like "Dhoom 3", we know what to expect & though it has been executed proficiently, I would still prefer "Dhoom 2" any day!!!

    Rating: 2.25/5


    September 18, 16
  • Dev
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    Despite inspired( or copied) from The Prestige(twins concept), Now You See Me(robbery and motive concept), Leon : The professional(switching Between S.W.A.T members), Dhoom 3 is an fun movie and Aamir Khan is on par with the other villains from dhoom series,this movie has soul, action sets are good too.

    June 13, 14
  • Bubbly
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    D3 is the usual marketing, media and money enterprise. One can see it once for Aamir Khan and that's it. It's a lift-off from NOW YOU SEE ME (2013) and other English movies. Even Aamir's poster is a copy of DARK KNIGHT (2008). Even bike scenes r inspired by DARK KNIGHT. Songs r passable. Bike chase scenes standout. Katrina has already shown everything on her private holiday with Ranbir and I didn't expect her to act. If she looks good, she is doing her job which is the least she can do. And the two Mumbai Pandu r passe. It's time to change them. Anyways, I guess it is curtains for this doom series. How much can u stretch the stale stuff when the original English movies offer more adrenalin.

    This is a heist movie WITHOUT the heist being shown. And there is a surprise/suspense angle! At times, Aamir reminded me of Atal Behari Vajpayee in facial expressions. Since jaadu (magic) was at core, l visualized jaadu of KRRISH! But it was like "what u see is not what u get." I remembered jhaadu of Kejriwal. Also zandu balm for joint-breaking stunts. Also Devyani Cobra-Gate for committing crime in NY. Aamir has intensity of expressions and that made movies like GHAJINI, RDB, TZP a huge success. But D2 is all to do with raw physicality and tall torso. Aamir didn't fit the bill here with his short stature.

    Why do u need Chicago when Bangalore would've done? There r many NRIs to decode the Hindi (Bank walon tumhari aisi ki taisi!). And US cops r not Indian panda sorry pandu! WHY was this movie made? (For providing employment to role-less strugglers two Pandu - Yajuj Majuj!). Sahir's clown mask'd've fitted perfectly well these two fright-face pandu. Pity, he leaves the mask behind at bank instead of plastering at their mugs! HOW did Mumbai police employ these two Pandu and to send them abroad? R these two detective/investigators/cops? Did they go sans Indian passports on Indian bikes? HOW did they get American visa? HOW! HOW!! HOW!!! Could a RTI be done on what basis America took this decision? Do Americans need Indian Circus? Who r the patronisers of this laborious exercise of a circus that'll never yield money! Does anyone attend circus in India? These two pandu are so ineffective that since 2004, they could NOT even get married! But then logic has no place amidst magic! Is Section 377 applicable on two Pandu? After mission accomplished, the two Pandu r promoted to Mumbai Police Commissioners! This happens only in India!

    For laughter, I recalled the promo quotes of two Pandu:
    P1: D3 is my movie. I'm the hero. If it doesn't succeed, who'll offer me roles in future!!!!!!!!
    P2: The credit for D3 success is all mine! (ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL...)

    Can't say anything except Aamir definitely had his own valid reasons to attempt this trash. And I (like many) had grand expectations. Like its said: fool & his money r soon parted. Thank God! It's year-end goof. D3 will definitely make 410+ cr in 14 days and set a new record! WHO CARES?

    Better luck next year. JAI HO!

    December 22, 13
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    Dhoom 2 was better than Dhoom. Dhoom 3 is much better than Dhoom 2 and there are two reasons. First it has terrific script required for a taught action thriller, second it is driven by supreme sincerity and perfection of Khan of Khans i.e. Aamir Khan. Be patient through initial half an hour where key characters are introduced in few silly scenes although Katrina Kaif's entry is spellbinding. And then Aamir Khan takes the charge and the real cinematic treat starts where dialogs, emotions, acting, story gets center stage. Abhishek Bachchan is good if not awesome, Uday Chopra keeps his feet grounded while making you laugh and Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous and provide softness to the otherwise heavy setup. But movie belongs to Aamir Khan who surprises you at least ten times with his tricks. Watch Dhoom 3 and end 2013 with lots of Dhoom. Dhoom 3 was written blockbuster on it before its release and good thing is it surpasses your expectations when it comes to bollywood action thrillers.

    December 20, 13
  • Bollywood Baadshah
    Bollywood Baadshah
    7 reviews

    Amir has been as versatile as possible since Lagaan days and he carries on the same in Dhoom:3 as well. He has gone inside the characters to his best abilities.

    Uday Chopra is refreshing as long as he sticks only to Dhoom series... Katrina seems trying harder to survive in industry.

    Abhishek will continue till 10th instalment till he realises he is not the hero of any of Dhoom series...

    Bike Stunts couldn't have gone better.. Chicago is beautifully captured...

    Should watch...

    December 22, 13
  • Pooja
    8 reviews

    Very unconvincing movie, me being a great fan of Yash Raj expected the movie to b much better....was waiting for this movie to release from long.....thou thought Aamir wud not fit the movie well, but really thought the YR knows how to bring in the talent n take out the best from the actors....
    Anyways the movie entertainer was Uday Chopra for sure at least I had a good laugh when he came on screen.... Abhishek for once was good n was impressive..... AAmir Khan really cud not pull it off like the way John Abraham n Hrithik cud...Katrina was just an item girl....songs were not good at all....basically a very average movie least expected by Yash Raj....not even a popcorn kinda movie....guys can just wait for 2months n watch it on the small screen......

    December 22, 13
  • Bhavya S
    Bhavya S
    1 review

    Too good!!a must watch!rush fast guys..

    December 19, 13