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    Nevertheless, there’s enough mood and attitude in the film to make for a pleasant viewing. And there’s Mohit Chauhan too. Check out his melodious ditty, Abhi kuch dino se, which forms the leitmotif of the film. Very hummable.

  • On the whole, Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji is an enjoyable entertainer. It leaves a smile on the viewer’s face and that is its biggest victory. The youth will love it and a section may even repeat it. Its business is expected to be the best in the big cities and the multiplexes. The producers have already made a profit by selling the various rights, and given the merits, the distributors will also make comfortable profits.

  • What works big time for Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji is that besides being a romantic comedy, it touches upon a number of social issues too. But of course, it does sell itself as a comedy film which it really is. For a first dabble, Madhur scores high. The situations are not only immensely funny and the one-liners are a complete killer. However, it does lose track midway after which you do tend to lose interest until it finally picks up yet again.