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    As of now, I don't think Aditya Chopra's magnificent directorial debut "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge" has been as remarkable as the lovable nineties. What it still remains, though, is a lush, beautifully escapist but dazzlingly compelling romantic-comedy, which serves froth, cheekiness, cheesiness and cutesy charms with such palatable and palpable diligence, and with so masterful the craft, that you are absolutely glad you were there for this incredibly romantic and stirringly joyous, fun ride.

    Yes, you might think now that there are parts which carry little resonance today, and yes you are absolutely right in there. But I don't recall a film with as terrific romantic pairing as Kajol and Shahrukh as the demure Simran and the cutely heroic Raj. There's always a freshness imbued with this film which consistently draws you towards it's storytelling, and it's consistency. It's a film so sharply Bollywood, it's irresistible.

    From whichever walk of life you might be, please watch 'DDLJ'. It's an iconic romance to cherish for the ages, and it is never less than enjoyable- it's perfectly amazing, and of course, to just state the facts once again, what cheery and iconic classic!

    April 28, 20
  • IMF Starboy
    IMF Starboy
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    srk's career best romantic film

    December 24, 18