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    This is the type of film whose audience know what to expect. And by that sense, Dirty Politics honestly attracts you into a political crime drama that is riddled with sleaze.

    The disappearance of dancer-turned-politician Anokhi Devi (Mallika Sherawat) is what the story begins with. Having dragged into politics by a debaucher Dinanath (Om Puri) solely for sexual purposes, Anokhi finds herself trapped in a world of deceit. The blame is partly on her as she turns into a greedy provider for her benefactor's erotic fantasies. The entire film is the past and future of her disappearance, infrequently throwing light into practices that mar present-day politics.

    Characters are thrown in like rain accompanied by sandstorm; all at once, giving an abrupt start. Soon cleavages are revealed and sex tapes are made, which drive the story ahead. Honestly, the sensual chemistry between Puri and Sherawat is awkward, and no viewer in his/her right mind would enjoy the explicitness. The story, as a whole, reeks of predictability and wraps up with a rather laughable climax. At the end, of whatever was promised by the film, only sex prevails, as Bokadia may have wanted. It has all basic characters and elements required for a Prakash Jha movie, but only Bokadia can turn it into a circus of lewdness.

    It is clear that salaciousness was what the makers had in mind, but to cast veterans like Shah and Kher to play clowns is cheap. They are the only ones who make the viewing bearable if at all you happen to find yourself watching the film. Let me stop myself from exploring the filmmaking factors.

    BOTTOM LINE: Of course, there is no actual sex (only suggestive) in the film if you were wondering, but it sure has obscene scenes and curses that will make the CBFC's blood boil. I'll leave the decision to you. You watched the trailer, and I gave you the details. What more do you want for decoding that the "Dirty" in "Dirty Politics" is an implication to that three-letter word which is still a taboo in India.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

    Nudity/Vulgarity: Mediocre | Profanity: Very Strong

    April 08, 15