• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    'Doctor Strange' deserves being watched. It has the likeability checklist which stays usually- the one introduced by the 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'. It also capitalizes the problems omce again which made the first two outings of the Thor movies boring. But it is one of the most remarkably innovativeness-laden movies of the franchise- No, there's nothing like Doctor Strange's character which existed in either Marvel or DC. The film has gripping writing: it makes you submit to the thrilling magic of this superb character. You will to take his name woth respect. And that's not a small thing. I am going with 3.5 for 'Doctor Strange'. Watchable, and, more.

    October 13, 19
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    Other than being turned off by the poor humor timing, Doctor Strange presents ample entertainment as its arrogant protagonist quickly transforms into a likeable human being with superpowers and even more quickly learns the skills that he aspires to learn. TN.

    April 20, 19
  • Archit gupta
    Archit gupta
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    Doctor Strange?....Mr.Strange?.....Doctor?....Strange?
    However you address Doctor Strange Movie it's fabulous.Really a visual spectacle.I don't know how Chris Pratt Is going to handle is claim That GOG V.2 will be the biggest cinematic Spectacle after he sees Doctor Strange.
    The movie starts by giving us a Combat between Kaecilius and Ancient One.Honestly i didn't enter the theater thinking that i would see great choreography of hand to hand combats with mystical elements.And then it shifts to the character development of Our Own Modern Era Sherlock-Mr. Bendict Cumberbatch.
    Needless to say he is Flawless in the movie.My only problem was as i am not a native of America Or UK , sometimes the way he delivered some words like MANTRA for example was hard to catch other than that for me Bendict was Doctor Stephen Strange.
    Mads Mikkelsen character was by far in MCU After Loki Really well developed.But still MCU lacks good Villain that believes in their purpose.Every performance be it of Rachel McAdams(However short her role was),Chiwetel Ejiofor (Can't wait for him to be the villain for DS-2),Benedict Wong and alas Tilda Swinton she was the highlight of the movie for me.
    The humor clicked in this movie very rightly but sometimes it didn't and it bummed me.
    The best scene in this movie for me was when Ancient One and Doctor strange Talk in their Astral Form And Ancient One bids Goodbye to reality was really emotional and it meant everything to me in respect to the movie.
    My only negative for this movie was the maintain of existence of time-Kaecilius was really underused when strange journey is shown from the accident to his meeting with ancient one.
    Seriously you are saying me that strange must have used around 3 years for this path from his physical recuperation to being a student in sanctum but Kaecilius could only translate one page of the book?
    But nonetheless this movie is really good and needs to be seen IMAX 3D.

    December 17, 16
  • Shaik rafi
    Shaik rafi
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    has some mind bending visuals, however, the story lacks depth or emotional connection. A few mins into the movie you phase out as the premise seems surreal in a bad way. Had high expectations but was disappointed

    November 13, 16