• King who
    King who
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    I sat spell bound this afternoon in a theater. It was great. In my opinion a 10 for my expectations. For the first time I never wondered where the fast forward button was on the movie.
    My opinion of the Kareena Kapoor changed completely. You have to see it to believe it. She is sexy! It's a 3 hour film. But it holds ones attention very well. SRK is a great villain as usual. Although they hint several times in the movie what the out come will be, until you reach the end it's not fully disclosed. There's one scene that is similar to a James Bond scene. The only thing is that the bad guy isn't Jaws and he doesn't land on a circus tent. It really is fun to watch on the big screen. Don't miss it. - And for those who have seen the first DON, SRK and Big B are different artists. They do things differently.

    December 03, 16
  • Rahul Dutt
    Rahul Dutt
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    First things first,let me tell u that I did not like the Original DON(1978) that much.It was good in parts but it was only the Aura of AB with the music that actually pulled it off.
    If the same story had been reused,the movie would have ended up being a disaster.
    But,I guess Farhan Akthar does a great job in this movie.Yes,the beginning is a bit slow but he more than makes up for it by the time the movie ends.Shah Rukh is incredible as DON and the others do their job well.The music is good(A special mention to the Background track...its incredible..).And watch out for the climax...
    1)Great acting by Shah Rukh
    2)Amazing cinematography (Everything looks classy and stylish..just notice the way Shah Rukh wears his tie!)
    3)A nice racy background score
    1)Beginning does feel as a bit of a crawl..
    2)Jasjit's (Arjun Rampal) role wasn't required if u ask me..
    Overall,a great entertainer and worth the wait

    November 27, 16