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    'Drishyam' isn't a new story. Jeethu Joseph wrote the script in 2012 and directed it in Malayalam with the same name starring Mohanlal in 2013, and by the name 'Papanasam' in Tamil, starring Kamal Haasan early this year. Both of them were extremely worthy films, the Tamil version being the best. And Nishikanth Kamat has directed its Hindi version, and honestly, it is far, far, and far away from being a disappointment. Actually, it is not only one of the best Hindi films this year, but also one of the most entertaining thrillers in Hindi cinema with a emotional core that satisfies.
    The film is based on the happy-family life of the Salgaonkars, the leading man Salgaonkar Vijay being a chauthi fail (a fourth class fail) as we are repeatedly told, both in the trailer and the film, in case we don't forget that he is. And he has a young, damn sexy wife called Nandini. These two glam people have a teen daughter Anju (who, thankfully, is an adopted child) and again, a cutie doll daughter Anu. Their happy-family life is what constructs most of the first half, as is usually expected if a regional family-based drama thriller is adapted for the Bollywood belt.
    And all of the flaws of 'Drishyam' are restricted to this gritty-but-not-amazing first half for most of the time: feel-good but lazy, heartwarming but a little too at home. The performances don't match the thrilling expressiveness of the Malayalam version (which, frankly boring, still establishes its superhero lead hero in a non-mass template) or the more gripping Tamil version (which has the emotional quotient all on point and comes with originality). But as I described the film earlier, it all comes together satisfactorily. The visuals of the film mix the grim shine of the Malayalam version and the dazzle of the Tamil version. Cinematographer Avinash Arun pulls it off with his lights all focused on each character.
    And the visual, Goan rhapsody gets with a compelling, linear tale written by Jeethu Joseph. But the magic is in the well-conjured screenplay- Upendra Sidhaye has well written the texture of the film.
    After a well-put first half, it's the second half where the film captures the real motion. With the suspenseful narrative taking pace and performances getting their amazing, original drive, the film takes motion, the writing takes central stage and the visuals indeed getting deceptive. Unlike any version of 'Drishyam' narrative, instead of Ajay Devagn's lead, the emphasis is on the inspector-general Meera Deshmukh. Tabu plays the character with excellence, and she is indeed one of the best female performers of the year.
    Ajay Devagn, although restricted to an illiterate thriller-binge fan who takes the revenge for family- as the draw board says- remains fresh. Shriya Saran and Ishita Dutta breathe life into their characters although never given much to do.
    Above all, 'Drishyam' is not realistic, but it is sure very interesting. I'm going with a 7 out of 10 for Drishyam. Recommended.

    September 17, 19
  • Ajay lawyer
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    answer to the scociety, movies makes us brilliant

    July 24, 17
  • Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
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    About a month back, I had written about "Papanasam" which saw Kamal Haasan show ample evidence as to why he is considered as one of the best actors in the country. Well credit for that definitely goes to Jeethu Joseph whose script & direction was top notch & which was made all the more impactful thanks to the peerless Lalettan. Anywaz that led to a remaking spree with the latest industry to be hooked onto it being Bollywood. So will it be able to create waves there as well after all the cultural differences is pretty marked between the North & the South???

    Well I am not even going to attempt saying anything about the plot as it would be known to everyone by now. This version had Nishikant Kamat call the shots who got some pretty decent credentials having won the National Award for his Marathi film "Dombivali Fast" a couple of years back. The screenplay by Upendra Sidhaye has remained more or less true to the original but subtle changes has been made to the script with regard to the locales. So does it actually work atleast in terms of the thrill factor. There is no doubt that it's surely one of the well made thrillers in Bollywood in the recent past, but if you have seen Lalettan's or even Kamal's version, you are bound to be disappointed. Just to cite a few examples, the sequence where the family was brutally thrashed at the police headquarters or the climax between the two parties both of which was brilliantly canned in Malayalam & Tamil, but it barely had an impact here. None of the technical aspects deserves special mention, which doesn't imply it was mediocre but it doesn't quite catch your attention also.

    I do agree that it's absolute injustice to even compare Ajay Devgan to a legend like Lalettan, but he is no lame duck also after all he has won the National award twice. Being a person who have excelled in expressing anguish & helplessness through his eyes, I would have to admit that it was disappointing to see him unable to showcase that caliber here. However, Tabu absolutely rocked as the IG & I feel she has performed on par or even better than Asha Sharath. The way she showcases her ability to oscillate between the ruthless nature of her profession & the yearning of her mother's heart, was quite a treat. Rajat Kapoor as Tabu's husband was impressive (the best in all the versions) along with Kamlesh Sawant. As for the rest of the cast, Shriya Saran & the kids were average at best while the kid who enacted Varun's role was far from threatening.

    Verdict: With "Bajrangi Baijaan" & "Bahubali" ruling the roost, it wont be possible for "Drishyam" to make a dent in their collections. But to be fair to the makers, I feel they have done a praise worthy job & surely deserves an audience for their effort. So will it appeal to those who have seen the original or even the Tamil version, then the answer will be a big "No". Anywaz give it a try if you haven't seen either of the two or else forget it!!!

    Rating: 2.75/5


    September 18, 16
  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
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    This Is Perhaps Nishikant's Best Film..Thanks To Already 5 Times Used Screenplay.Acting Of Ajay Is Extremely Average, He Should Hv Done Better. Tabu Acted Well Though. As I Hv Not Watched Previous Ones I Was Thrilled To The End

    May 02, 16
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    There are lots of things great about Nishikant Kamat's latest feature, but that doesn't mean it can be touted as a great film independently.

    Starting with a scene so mystic in its own way, the film starts with a flashback. Characters are brilliantly placed into the plot as we witness a family setup being created. Things take a turn when an act of crime enters this scene. One more act of crime follows, and that is when one gets the vibe of a thriller coming into form.

    The 50 minute second half, which is also the most engaging minutes for any Bollywood film this year, steals the show and keeps us on the edge of our seats as we are smothered by a series of twists. If one does not feel goosebumps during that master-stroke climax, then I don't know what will.

    The build-up is great, and so is the score that accompanies it, but if one pays attention to details throughout the film, even TataSky's native adverts look more professional. The writing is to be blamed. I am all okay with the idea of remaking, but borrowing the frames, hiring lookalikes, and even using some of the dialogs makes the whole drama look like an answer written by an Engineering student: everything out of place and irrelevant. Plus, apart from few minor, clever changes, there is no hint of any improvement which should have been necessary and which would have made it more appealing to the learned masses.

    I had problems with the whole cast; like they all watched the original (2013) and just re-enacted their roles. It hardly works, and now this can be taken as a testimonial study by filmmakers in the future before they enter the remake scene. Devgn could not handle the fatherly figure well, nor could Tabu create thunders with her uniform. The guy who played the corrupt policeman Gaitonde acted like he just came out of a wrestling pit and was made to deliver his cocky, cringe-worthy dialogs. The child artistes were fine, if not oversmart. Even Kapoor was a let-down.

    The film also questions justice and what a person should do at times like this. Although, the plot constantly makes the family look like protagonists in spite of their deeds, and falsely guides us what it thinks is right (or should be right). But if you look closer, you will realize the climax answers all the questions about righteousness.

    BOTTOM LINE: Drishyam, as an edge-of-the-seat thriller, does not tell you how to act during time of brutal crimes, but it finely creates a story so charming that you will want to talk about it with your friends just to understand what is right and what is wrong.

    VERDICT: 6 stars out of 10. Watch it!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    July 31, 15
  • Himanshu pandey
    Himanshu pandey
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    Yes,visual can be deceptive but here, it is also captivating...a gripping thriller always makes u chill down ur spine bt a ''family thriller'' make sure dat ur eyes also gets wet with overpowering emotions...DRISHHYAM exactly hits the map of thrill,suspense,family drama amd tries to justify the two aspects of d same coin...it has the rare pitch perfect screenplay with well apt direction that steer the movie to get a well deserved applause...ajay as a family man with his dimly lits and inebriated eyes portrayed his character beautifully...rajat kappor and other actors also justified their characters with utmost conviction...tabbu, when acting as a grief stricken mother was powerful enough to drive ur tear gland...in all,its a must watch for its astonishing screen play...i know,bhaijaan still has more screen space nd making cash register ringing bt this one really deserves ur tym nd kitty nd i m sure u won't regret it later....

    September 25, 15