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The film is set in 1960s Chennai (Madras then). A petty thief (who once aspired to become a police officer) is hired by the police department to infiltrate a gang smuggling Cigarettes (Cigarette was banned during that time). He agrees to work for the police in return for the promise of dropping all the cases against him and being made a police officer. He manages to infiltrate the gang. He falls in love with Julie, one of the gang's members. How he survives in the gang and how he gets them arrested by the police forms the rest of the story.Wikipedia

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Raisa Nasreen


If you’re a fan of Vadivelu, and if you’ve missed watching him on the big screen, then this film is for you. Go for it if you want to watch Vadivelu and Sadah shake a leg on cabaret. It’s dreading, but you’ll enjoy it if you’re an ardent fan of Vadivelu.


No one seems to know what to do with this material. The director keeps adding masala elements like action scenes and songs. You’d think these would be comic action scenes, comic songs. But only occasionally. The rest of the time, it’s all played depressingly straight. Even Vadivelu is stranded — the gags he’s in are shockingly weak. He gets a scene where he romances Sadha (she’s the moll, I think) to the strains of Mere sapnon ki rani. He lip-syncs the whole song, as if the mere idea of Vadivelu in a Rajesh Khanna scenario is automatically funny. It is — for about ten seconds. But like the rest of the film, this bit too goes on forever.

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