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    As a citizen of this great country, it's common knowledge that one thing which binds this nation irrespective of caste, creed or religion is undoubtedly Cricket. There is so much of fervor for this game in our country, that the players are virtually treated as demi-gods & the greatest of them all is Sachin. Such has been his contribution to the game, that whatever he does becomes a matter of national importance be it shifting to his new home or Schumacher gifting him with a Ferrari. Interestingly, his Ferrari is the focal point around which Vidhu Chopra's "Ferrari Ki Sawaari" is based upon. So will it be a master blaster like the legend himself???

    Kayo (Ritvik Sahore) is a very talented young cricketer who dreams of making it into the Indian cricket team in future. Kayo's father Rusy (Sharman Joshi), an honest & upright citizen absolutely adores his son & tries everything within his power to fulfill his cricketing dreams. But things hits a road block when Kayo gets an opportunity to train in Lord's which was way beyond Rusy's humble means. That's when Rusy plans of borrowing Sachin's Ferrari for a wedding planner in exchange for Kayo's training fees. But things zooms out of control as fast as Ferrari's 560 horse powers. Can Rusy rectify everything before it's too late???

    It's been almost 3 years since the greatest blockbuster of all time has emerged from the stable of Vinod Chopra. So naturally there was a great deal of anticipation with their latest release though the person calling the shots this time around was a debutant in the form of Rajesh Mapuskar. There is no doubt that there is a sense of sincerity & goodness throughout the whole film, but it lacks the punch which makes you sit up & take notice. The script by Rajkumar Hirani was decent which was pretty well supported by the screenplay of Rajesh Mapuskar & Vidhu Chopra.

    Sharman Joshi's performace was sincere & deserves praise along with Boman Irani. The supporting cast's roles just like in other Vidhu Chopra's films were pretty much the same & all of them have done justice to their parts. But the pick among the lot is definitely, Ritvik who was endearing & imparts a sense of charm to the screen.

    Verdict: The lack of big stars will make it struggle at the box office with hardly any takers for it apart from Multiplexes. It does have a feel good feeling about it but nothing more than that. In short, sip on a coffee & watch it as it makes for a relaxing watch!!!

    Rating: 2.5/5


    September 18, 16