• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    A road trip. Goan rhaspody. Cool winds. Five people with their own turbulent souls going to solve the turbulence of one. These things form the backdrop of the most fresh love story this year, Finding Fanny. The first soul-food thing about the film is that it works both as a rom-com and a romance. It has Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, Rajat Kapur and Naseeruddin Shah's effective performances. These people out on a road trip face so many ridiculous dysfunctions, but one thing is serious- they are out on a journey to rediscover the meaning of love. The another reason why it finds itself in the top five is that it is made entirely in Konkani and English, but it still works for the Hindi audience in a quite better way. I'm going with 4 stars for 'Finding Fanny'. It's an intricate visual with breezy winds.

    September 26, 19
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    Consider this: Five half-baked characters with nomadic idiosyncrasies set out on a journey to find a sixth character. This, in the writers' words, should be "a sexy widow (Deepika Padukone) persuades her pre-nuptial boyfriend (Arjun Kapoor) to take her friend/uncle/father figure/taciturn idiot personage (Shah; looks unhappy throughout the film maybe because his recently released memoir's sales doesn't look good) to find his long-lost (read ill-communicative chapter) love Fanny (short for Stephannie Fernandez), accompanied by an absent- minded abstract painter (Pankaj Kapur) who is head over heels in admiration with the final visible character (Kapadia). In the journey of life and love where orgies are considered taboo, and since the math won't be right for five people to get into a relationship and satisfy the nature's preconceived equation, one wanders off and the remaining four get together."

    If you could totally understand the above written synopsis in a single read, then you would definitely understand the film, for it is a Goan drama based on rambunctious ridicules, scruples, and clichés under the disguise of romance and all the things that come with it (sans sex). The actors play out like they never rehearsed. Homi Adajania (of Being Cyrus fame, and now Finding Fanny infamy) flashes his over- confidence all over the place. First, by not directing the thespian actors Kapur & Shah to their thresholds, and second, asking Kapoor & Padukone to portray pretentious crowd-pleasers in analytical love.

    The film starts off without a bang and that is fine, but when the story unfolds and ends like a firecracker soaked in water, you start to get the feels that the film makes no point whatsoever. It promises love, but delivers boredom, it promises romance, but delivers aged cleavage show, it promises a happy journey, but delivers a dead cat. Literally speaking, the title is misguiding and if you do not get agitated with the climax, you ought to get yourself medically checked. I tried to pull few strings so as to try to reap some sense out of the 100 minute-drama, but I failed.

    Still, I cannot write bad things about the cinematography & the art department for they bring out a stunning visual experience. Dialogs are poorly written and I can't even dream of thinking of watching this melodrama unfolding in Hindi. It tries to convey a message, but in this technological age, I'll say it is filled with noise. White, unwanted, destructive noise.

    BOTTOM LINE: "Oh, thy invisible force, give me strength to forget this journey." "Don't worry, my son, why don't you watch Bipasha Basu's comeback film Creature 3D?" "Goodbye oh Lord and my dear folks, I prefer my grave instead."

    April 08, 15
  • Nagma
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    Homi Adajania seems to have tried his hand at bringing some flavour of Woody Allen into his film, Finding Fanny... but alas it seems to be nowhere close!
    The first basic element missing is a natural depiction of a typical Goan life. None of the characters seem to have put in the native accent or even tried speaking the Konkani language. Just wearing a western attire is not enough!
    Deepika and Arjun have showcased normal performance.
    Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapoor's characters are a little over the top and it is a pity that it is a complete waste of talent.
    Highest marks to Naseeruddin Shah who seems to be in much better control of his character and also he has earlier delivered an excellent performance as a Goan priest in the Shahrukh Starrer movie in the 90s, Kabhi haan Kabhi Naa which is unforgettable.
    Overall the storyline is quite weak and predictable.
    At the end of the film, I bet you will not find your "Fanny"!

    November 30, 14
  • Prakash Khetpal
    Prakash Khetpal
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    Homi Adjania is the director whose ‘class of art’ people wait to see. Finding Fanny is one such helluva ride which would keep a smile on your face throughout giving you few snippets of philosophy that will make you ponder upon. Without boasting much - they somewhere knock your door to broaden your horizon of thoughts. At times you have to make an extra effort to love someone.
    So here you go; put an extra effort to love this ride for which your expectations may be high – Fanny who doesn’t exist yet wins over your heart with the class acts coming from Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur & Dimple Kapadia.
    It's a journey which begins in the search of Fanny - It's the age old story of those snail mails when emails were not in the era. There was one such letter sent to the love which comes back to Ferdi(Naseeruddin Shah) which breaks his heart and makes him wander to many “what-if's” which they go out to look for. Deepika Padukone here decides with the snippet of philosophy that your life is meant to help others first - with this thought they move on to the ride in search of Fanny. On this ride you have the class Pankaj Kapur aka Pedro who is mad behind the thunder thighs; mad about Dimple or rather say horny about Dimple - yes the movie does touches some parts of the black comedy which doesn't really seem to be filthy. It's more of getting into the skin of the characters bringing the originality. That’s what Homi is known for.
    And yes you have the driver(Arjun Kapoor) with the broken heart & probably someone who would have done little better - with some good pun on the word BETTER in the movie that is something for you to FIND out watching Finding Fanny.
    Somewhere in this journey; hearts meet; there is a realization; there is a confession; there is a denial; the chemistry between Arjun & Deepika may miss the steam but the growing bond amongst the Dimple & Naseeruddin Shah is something to vouch for. What puts all this together is the brilliant Cinematography by Anil Mehta & growing background music score does it all – these crafts play an important role to craft a Not so Existing Fanny of a marque.
    Although the movie may not have a wider audience considering the genre this one is made for. Yet if you have a flair to try something different – this one definitely has the potential to keep you engage & entertained with its sheer state of craft. And yes it’s Deepika who roared from Homi Adjania’s Cocktail yet again seems to be as fresh as lily post the super success of her Leela Avatar. From Ghagras to mini’s now – it’s great watching her line of art. Deepika’s lucky mascot Ranveer Singh has a no dialogue minuscule role - yet his energy is contagious; his funkiness brings a smile on your face watching him.
    So what steals the show in #findingFanny is not fanny it’s Ferdi (Naserruddin Shah) – This is the man you will find adding up yet another feather on his hat with his amazing persona which is class apart from the era he belongs to.
    PK Verdict:Silver+ 3.5*s

    September 14, 14
  • Anandita Dudeja
    Anandita Dudeja
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    Finding Fanny has undoubtedly been an off track movie for Bollywood, as for Homi Adajania is concerned...his movies are meant to be off track and have a blend of quirkiness in its characters. Not being the typical cranky Bollywood hater and a die heart Hollywood, as I am, I loved the movie. Adajania knows, just knows how to bring out the best from the characters. From Veronica to Angie, Savio was brilliant and well the veterans will remain the sheer fantastic creatures so to say.
    My favorite character in the movie has to be Don Petro.
    I am a nineties kid for whom Pankaj Kapoor's 'Office Office' was a daily does, seeing him playing Don Petro was fascinating.
    The movie didn't feel like I was watching a big and well promoted silver screen thing, it felt more like theatre. The flow and effortlessness that has been portrayed is wonderful. Also, the essence of perspicacity this movie has..
    One example of that being,
    Ferdie saying that "..but I don't want to die"
    I've seen that on Youtube like 1320390393 times.
    HOMI ADAJANIA should make more movies, his cool personality adds so much to the actors' ability.
    Finding Fanny is a must watch for people who enjoy theatre, as do I.
    What a beautifully crafted piece of work this was.

    September 27, 14