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    The sequel ‘Force 2’ is primarily about the RAW, about heartily saluting our bold, daring and brave RAW soldiers who die for their homeland and also when caught are not recognized by their own nation too.

    Having in lead John and Sonakshi, the film starts with a heroic entry of John Abraham (ACP Yashvardhan). So, a few RAW agents in China are killed and of the few one was Yashvardhan’s best friend, he before dying informs Yash to help out all the other agents from just dying. Then Yash with KK (Sonakshi Sinha), who too is a special agent go to Budapest to save all the RAW agents. While in the investigation, the both get to know the killer and from then on the thief-police game starts between them and the main antagonist (Tahir Raj Bhasin). What will happen and will both be able to save the RAW agents who are alive or something else lies in the story.

    The duo John, Sonakshi are seen all through the film fighting and beating many. There is nothing groovy in their acts here excluding their appreciative action talent and their emulation. And watching Tahir on the screen keeps everyone engaged and just entirely mingled with the film. He is pleasing and really fantastic, with guilt less face he easily attains audience interests and also through his stellar act.

    Abhinay’s direction is indeed a laborious one and the very interesting part of the film is the action itself, genuine, shot well and the story too. He has released the film on the right time.

    A few denials of the film one can spot is the music, mainly the recreated song – O Jaaniya, it bores. A bit common sense too doesn’t find its way. And some scenes are also devoid of originality and completeness.

    The Final Words – This is a film that shows us the reality about RAW agents who get killed in many countries, since their identity gets revealed. They do not even get fame, reverent and dignity, not even they are praised after doing so much for the nation and neither their family is taken care of by the Government. They might remain anonymous for many. But for themselves, their families and for their nation they are truly the best Heroes. A big salute to all the RAW agents.

    It is good to watch the film rather than read about it here.

    So, I am going with 6 stars out of 10 stars.

    November 20, 16