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    The last couple of years has witnessed a surge in remaking blockbuster South Indian films in Bollywood. With many of them turning out to be money spinners, be it "Wanted", "Singham" or the recent "Bodyguard"; & the dearth of good scripts has made this trend even more steadfast. The latest to join the bandwagon is Nishikant Kamat, who has given impressive films like "404 Error Not found" (as actor), "Mumbai Mere Jaan" etc. He has chosen the Surya-Jyothika blockbuster "Kaakhe Kaakhe" & remade it into "Force". The question now remains is whether "Force", will garner as much moolah as its illustrious original???

    Since many of us have seen the original, I believe its dispensable to do away with the plot; but for those who havent here's a sneak peek. The film unfolds with ACP Yashwardhan (John Abraham) of the Anti-Narcotics wing being rushed to the hospital after being subject to gunfire. In due course of time, it's revealed that Yash & his team has been instrumental in wiping out the drug lords reign. Among the slain gangsters, the lynchpin was undoubtedly Anna (Mukesh Rishi), but little did they realise that he had a vengeful blood thirsty sibling, Vishnu (Vidyut Jamwal) who would go to any extreme to avenge Anna's death. So will Yash & his crew be able to rein in Vishnu before it's too late???

    Kamat has remained more or less faithful to the original, except for imparting more emphasis on brawn to make use of John's physique. As a matter of fact, the major highlight is undoubtedly the thrilling action sequences choreographed by Allan Amin especially the final confrontation. The beauty of the original was the subtlety in romance which is totally missing here as John fails to impart the vulnerability to the character as expertly as Surya did. Harris Jayaraj has been entrusted with the music here as well, but it fails to evoke the magic of the original. The visuals by Ayananka Bose was commendable & the editing by Aarif Shaikh was fair enough.

    There is no doubt that John has improved his acting skills but being a remake, comparisons are inevitable & his performances especially in the romantic scenes leaves a lot to be desired. However, his action sequences were a total revelation & makes the audience wanting for more. Genelia has done justice to her character in her own bubbly chatterbox style though she lacked the maturity of a teacher. But the winner for me is undoubtedly Vidyut Jamwal, who essayed the role of the cold blooded vindictive sibling to perfection. As for the rest, Mohnish Behl & Sandhya Mridul were impressive while Kamal Sawant does a commendable act.

    Verdict: The movie is unlikely to have a forceful impact on the box office though it should be able to do decent business. In short, I believe it has got what it takes to break even, but for those who have seen the original may give this a miss unless you want to check out the action sequences which are a visual treat!!!

    Rating: 2/5


    September 16, 16