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    Ashwin Sarvanan's deliciously twisted and meticulously crafted psychological thriller 'Game Over' knows all the layers and pluses and minuses of the mix-mash of the genres, and knows the key term of each of them 'Originality'. Taapsee Pannu and Vinodini Vaidyanath do all the impact ful strands quiet closely together so that the film is committed to its surroundings. The Rashomon-style climatic sequence will send chill down your spine, but also exposes the vulnerability and emotional confidence of the film. Although it's not each and every character is designed to do something to the film: Swapna and killers only could have done: but it's only the magic of the execution of the non-linear narrative that the phenomenal paranormal and supernatural and feminist: each and every element works. Although there can be many readings for the film, I'll remember it as a revenge drama with a slasher at it's edges, all sharp. It's an essential Non-Hindi film I recommend to see.

    January 11, 20