• Gone Girl will hold your attention for its lengthy running time, but whether you’ll laugh it off as chauvinistic pulp or be haunted by it depends on how much the idea of an intelligent woman scares you. If this film is any indication, she’s the stuff of Fincher’s nightmares.

  • Gone Girl has none of the moral ambiguity and depth that these two characters demand. In fact, we see little of them or know little of them. Will she stay gone? Will Nick get the death penalty in Missouri? Towards the climax, I somehow lost interest about the film as a whodunnit, caught as I was, with Fincher’s supreme cleverness in crafting a story without telling you much about his two protagonists apparently so gone in their heart and mind.

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar
    The Hindu


    A curious take on the mystery of marriage that is entertaining and exploratory at the same time…