• Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    Director Zoya Akhtar somehow always manages to make even the most humdrum of stories into ravishing pieces of art. Gully Boy is no different even if you look at it from the perspective of a person who hopes to see social issues being addressed through cinema. For it also marvelously hints at issues such as social status and inequality and wealth and even (Islamic) polygamy to an extent. The excellent camera work by Jay Oza will make you want to watch it for the second time on the big screen despite of this review. And that is the kind of movies that Akhtar makes, only to find them being watched and rewatched by cinephiles years from now.

    Gully Boy gets everything right and pumps up your mood regardless of what position you are in in your own life, but just thinking about it a few hours after you have seen it will make you realize that it just falls short of becoming something that can be dubbed as extraordinary.

    February 15, 19
  • Aditya Parulekar
    Aditya Parulekar
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    An exceptional combination of mainstream and indie cinema. On the surface the film seems to be just about rapper from the streets and his rise to fame. But it's so much more. Every character is given an equal importance and is brought to justice by the brilliant performances of the cast. This is what makes it everyone's film. Worth a second watch not just for entertainment but for the fine little details that may go unnoticed the first time around.

    February 17, 19