• Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    Hasee Toh Phasee. An overused plot but driven by crazy, lovable characters and situations. In fact with just above average first half and much better second half, it does not offer you anything extraordinary fresh but there is some solid acting and solid chemistry at the display. Out of all, Parineeti Chopra is a big draw. It's her fourth movie and she keeps on surprising you with her range. You laugh with her, smile with her and cry with her throughout the movie. Sidharth also does not disappoint in his second outing. If you are not distracted by his good looks, he does good if not best in making his character more endearing. Adah Sharma (remember 1920) looks gorgeous. But surprise package here is Manoj Joshi whose chemistry with both lead actors is electric. Few soulful numbers enhance the warmth. Movie wins because you care for both hero and heroine and want them to be together at the end. Go for it!!

    February 20, 14
  • Nagma
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    It seems that director, Vinil Mathew was not very clear about the storyline while making ' hasee toh phasee'.
    Towards the beginning of the film, you seem to ignore the weak points thinking that the next part of the movie would be good ....but unfortunately, I carried this feeling right upto the very end.
    Nikhil (Siddharth Malhotra) and Karishma (Adah Sharma) get engaged after 7 years of relationship and are going to be married within a week's time. During this time, Nikhil meets Meeta, (Parinitee Chopra) who happens to be Karishma's sister and spends good amount of time together and develops a close bond with her.
    Parinitee should now come out of her so called 'bubbly' roles else she would soon get typecast in such roles.
    Her facial expressions and gestures in the initial part made her look completely possessed and horrifying. For sometime I was under the impression that she is playing a role of an autistic but to my surprise she was later portrayed as a super intelligent chemical engineer who is miss know-all and can even repair a car and hack her father's bank account.Overall her role was quite over the top and not convincing enough.
    Siddharth in comparison was much better and he did show improvement from his last performance(Student of the Year).
    There are few fun moments but are not enough to keep you entertained.
    The film title should have been 'Hasaa to phasaa' as Nikhil did not seem to be having any intention of wooing Meeta at any stage. On the other hand Meeta seemed to be trying her best to impress Nikhil.Basic storyline is just an old wine in a new bottle and sadly the chemistry between the two characters is missing. You would be wondering how on earth they are falling in love with each other and it feels as if love too has become quick and robotic in this current age of technology.
    Therefore when you watch this movie, please do not carry high expectations as I do not want you to be the next audience to feel badly 'phasee'.

    April 10, 14
  • Pooja
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    Pareenithi was good but annoying at times.....but Sidharth was tooo good.....n since it is dharma productions wud not b disappointed....can watch once........loved the song "shake it like Shammi"......

    April 09, 14