• Divesh yadav
    Divesh yadav
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    No words to explain for this movie......

    March 19, 18
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    Highway. It is most personal work of Imtiaz Ali. He deliberately cuts down the frills from the execution and focus only on the characters and their feeling about themselves.

    Highway's strength lies in the authentic characterization and right casting of its lead characters. Randeep Hooda as goon from Haryana and Alia Bhatt as daughter from a super-rich family from Delhi look, feel, talk and act like that they are wearing their characters on their souls. Their acting in each and every frame is up to the mark. Being a road movie, Highway succeeds in taking you to a beautiful journey that does not want to end.

    But unfortunately, screenplay is predictable and does not have too many surprises to keep you engaged. I am going with good 7 out of 10 for Highway. Watch it for Alia and Randeep's performance, watch it for Imtiaz Ali's understanding of his characters. Watch it for a beautiful journey but do not care about the destination.

    November 09, 14
  • Nagma
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    The film brings alive the spirit of freedom which lies unexplored among all of us. You may not be able to completely relate with the extremely adventurous passion of the protagonist but it would definitely bring you to a dilemma of it being unrealistic or rational.
    Alia, born and brought up in a rich household gets kidnapped by Randeep (a truck driver) and thereafter a new life begins for Alia.The cinematography is splendid and it proves that there are indeed so many beautiful places in our country lying unexplored. Randeep Hooda really deserves accolades for playing his character as real as one can imagine. His fluency with the colloquial Rajasthani posed with his strong expressions have contributed a lot in building the storyline.
    Alia gives her best shot.She has actually grown leaps and bounds in her performance level in her second film itself which is quite commendable especially at such a young age.
    The film has its' share of "hard to believe" sequences, however Imtiaz Ali has tried his level best to club it with the harsh realities that prevail all around us. It is quite interesting and emotional to see how Alia and Randeep from extremely different sections of the society understand and empathize with each other's sorrows.
    I would describe "Highway" as a journey which takes off as an adventure and ends with a life's goal.Each one of us has that "pataka guddi" within us to introspect and realize that life is very short and we cannot wait for any miracle to happen all by itself. So, follow your heart and enjoy every small happiness that life has given us........and who knows you may find the ultimate solace at the end of your "Highway".

    March 24, 14