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    After seeing my rating, most of you will think why I did this. Actually, I liked this movie. I did not find a reason to dislike it at all. Except of the fact that the film is a bit old fashioned, there is nothing bad, its an entertainer.

    Himmatwala, in other words, has a good story, screenplay, performances, comedy, action, music etc as per the hype. Ajay Devgn does his role with perfection as always. He is able to do full justice with the character. Tamannaah is not only cute and beautiful, but acts as well. In fact, her performance is the best in the movie. Others also do well. The songs are good and manage to recreate the retro feel. The action scenes are well choreographed and performed, they are the ones to come up with perfection after a long time. The story is good and also some emotional scenes are also well enacted.

    On the whole, Himmatwala is an entertainer, without any negatives, but if you have to watch it, be sure you haven't watched the original one first, just like me!

    July 17, 17