• Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
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    It's A Remake, Have Many South-is & Bollywood-ish things which are Typical, Sonakshi Sinha Is Single Most Irritating Thing In the movie.But the good things are it's story, (That Particular Akki & His Frnds Shooting Terrorist Is High Point) Acting Of Akki Isn't Bad Either.The Film With Such Ingeridents Should Hv Been Better Though

    May 09, 16
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    Holiday: A Soldier is Never off Duty. Akshay Kumar after a long time gets a meaty role where he is doing bone crunching action more than jaw breaking comedy. Captain Virat played effortlessly by Akshay is home on his holidays but finds himself at the center of a serial blasts scheme by a terrorist group. He takes the matter into his own hands and runs a one man army from start till end.

    Movie works pretty well whenever it sticks to its central plot. Action scenes are very well cut and thrills embedded with firing dialogues makes it an interesting watch. What works in favor of the movie is the linear screenplay with not confusion around who is who. Sonakshi Sinha does well in her mandatory heroine role. Govinda in a listless cameo falls flat and seems totally out of the place in otherwise well knit story. Songs also do not help and interrupt in the thrilling fun. Songs and Govinda episode convert a two hours worth thrilling story into a two hours and fifty minutes entertainer. Sumeet Raghvan as Akshay's dumb friend is good and evokes few light moments during thrills. Despite its evident flaws Holiday is consistently watchable because of Akshay Kumar. Confrontation scene in climax between Akshay and his counterpart played by Freddy Daruwala does satisfying end to growing tension.

    I am going with strong 7 out of 10 for Holiday. After a long time you can enjoy Akshay doing what he does best.

    June 22, 14
  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
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    Holiday, a film by A.R. Murugadoss (also based on his Tamil film Thuppakki), is dedicated to Indian Military and their families. I feel, it is challenging to review such movies because the very intention behind making such movies turns out to be more important and the issues / concepts handled / message conveyed through the movie take precedence over the presentation of the movie. This movie highlights the presence of ‘Sleeper Cells’ in our country. Sleeper cells’ people are trained terrorist guised as common men in society. He / she may be living amongst us – a neighbor, a friend or a mere acquaintance of ours. And when they get the command from their ‘head’, they act, come out of their shells, do bomb blasts and turn out to be the source of terror. In short, sleeper cells mean a group of terrorists, who work very discreetly. Probably, various members don’t even know one another. One particular aspect of this movie is noticeable i.e. unlike other movies based on terrorism, here, sleeper cells and terrorism are explained as byproducts of disgruntlement with government / country. The movie also appreciates the challenges faced by the Military force, who guard the border day and night to give us peaceful lives. Yes, the pace of the movie is very slow, a thriller at slow pace (can we call it a thriller?). Probably the tone of the movie is kept very light purposefully. Captain Virat (Akshay Kumar), who serves Indian Army as DIA (Defense Intelligence Agent – works on secret mission), arrives Mumbai for his yearly holiday. As part of bride-hunting process, his family takes him directly from the railway station to Saibaa’s house (Sonakshy Sinha). Virat says no to Saibaa since he got the impression that Saibaa is a shy girl, but later to his surprise, he finds just the opposite Saibaa in the boxing ring during Mumbai Intercollegiate Competition. Rest, you can definitely predict as far as the relationship status between Virat and Saibaa is concerned.Virat and his Sub-Inspector friend Mukund (Sumeet Raghavan) coincidently become witness to a bomb blast in a bus. Events start unfolding from here. Virat manages to catch hold of one member of the sleeper cell. With his alertness and focused strategy, he is even able to salvage Mumbai from exploding into flames. It is interesting to see (it could also be sort of howlers for some), how Virat understands various cues, takes lead from there and tries to get into the depth of the sleeper cell. Certain light moments are there in the movie, viz. Virat’s tips to Mukund to solve a case, Virat and Saibaa’s ‘yes-no’ game, Virat’s untimely salutation to his boss (Govinda) etc. Akshay as Capt. Virat has given some good action shots. Sonakshi as Saibaa has nothing much to do. She just appears to be a filler in the movie. Virat-Saibaa romance doesn’t take off. Probably, Murugadoss could have focused only on the main track of Terrorism, sleeper cells etc, the side tracks could have been very well avoided.

    June 08, 14
  • Piyush
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    1.Acting- 9/10
    2.Direction- 9/10
    4.Screenplay -8/10
    5.Story -8/10
    6.Writing -8/10
    7.Key of success -i.Akshay Kumar...He is everything ii.Action Sequences iii.Fast paced movie.
    8.Flaws -i.Sonakshi sinha's romance. ii.Too long

    All in one this one is master piece,,,fultooo paisa wasool............

    June 08, 14