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    Ishqedarriyaan lacks the depth and is full of emotional drama. I sincerely wished that atleast Mahaakshay’s career should take off from this movie. When the film started, I felt that the movie might be good. It appeared as if Mahaakhsay has worked on his voice modulation, presentation and acting and he would be able to carry the movie on his shoulders. But within 10 minutes, everything appeared to be substandard in the movie, be it the screenplay, actors, story, overall presentation. The only aspects appealed to me in the movie were songs, and a few locations which looked beautiful. I don’t want to comment saying that Mahaakhshay lacks acting skills, but the truth is that he is not able to prove his mettle. The movie is about unconditional love, sacrifice, love traingle. But it is hard to connect to the movie.

    Mahaakshay plays the role of lead protagonist Aagam Diwan. He is a very successful businessman settled in USA. People don’t know him by face, since he is aloof from the public eye and he does not allow media to publish his photograph. Rahul as Aagam’s friend (Kavin Dave) manages his affairs. He is definitely a delight to watch. Kaya, a journalist, after consistent follow-up, manages to get 2-minutes interview with Aagam. She gets offended when Aagam does not give her time beyond 2 minutes to complete the interview. She decides to set the score right with him and digs down his past. Kaya threatens Aagam that she would expose him and informs him that his father had fled away from India after taking 20 Lakhs from someone. Aagam gets disturbed with this revelation and he decides to investigate and get to the depth of this matter. This decision takes Aagam and Rahul to India, where the entry of suit clad Luvleen (Evelyn Sharma) happens, who is running her grandfather’s school and staying with grandmother (Suhasini). Luvleen is trying desperately to get some donation so as to keep the school running. According to Kaya’s report, Aagam’s father had taken money from Luvleen’s grandfather.

    For Aagam, it is love at first sight with Luvleen. Now the plot is very much simple and conventional. A boy falls in love with a girl, and the girl falls in love with another boy. So, the other character is Arjun (Mohit Dutta), an upcoming musician. Here is a predictable love story, confusions, sacrifices, dilemmas etc.

    The child artist Yatharth Dholakia (Laddu) has been given dialogues which do not reflect his innocence at all.

    It is very easy to predict regarding what happens in the end? Who amongst Aagam and Arjun get the girl? How does Aagam explore the truth of Kaya’s story?

    Ishqedarriyaan has nothing to offer in terms of story, actors, dialogues etc. My rating is dedicated to the music of the film.

    June 02, 15