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    Will you believe if Arvind Kejriwal leaves being an activist and returns a slap for a slap(eent ka jawaab patthar se). Aam aadmi can tolerate only so much and will go ahead in combat form if things come to a dead end. A one-man David army can topple the Goliath. Here the size does matter. And the'lion'(hero) paws, bites, roars and tears apart the villains.

    This is nothing new for Salman Khan. He has done it all. But political activism may be something new for him. There is the(Congess) villain Home Minister Dashrath Singh(Danny Danzongpa) and the(AAP) good Chief Minister(Mohnish Behl). There is a Gujarati flavored heroine(Modi, BJP) and there is aam aadmi, our hero Jai Bhai(taking over from Munna Bhai turned Kejriwal). So, you get the picture.

    But there are so many characters that instead of a review, I may have to write a biography. English movie PAY IT FORWARD(2000) paved way for STALIN(2006, Telugu) which has been remade into JAI HO(2014, Hindi). Well, brother-director Sohail Khan has proven, he cannot direct a movie leave alone Salman. And Salman merely humored his brother and obliged his commitment(ek bar commitment kar di.). But the entertaining spirit of Salman is missing. He is just going through the motions. There is nothing lively about the entire movie. This is the first time, I am thoroughly disappointed with a Sallu movie.

    Salman Khan will join AAP if the movie is anything to go by. After over a month, another super blockbuster release. With BO success written all over it, the movie is beyond review. V'll all wait for the inevitable records it'll create. What else is there in today's big box movies?

    Suffice it to say, it is a definite treat for the fans and will contribute to ever-growing Salmania. With God above and fans below, the cinema halls r the temples to hero-worship. Here, 'critics' r considered aliens and'reviews' r ineffective. Even the'critics''ve seen the movie and given their two-paisa worth review/advise. They should wisely shut-up and enjoy. Here, go with the flow. Why waste ur'bad' breath(do u daatun or brush-up)? The worst(or best) part is Salman didn't hold the'free' press show. He doesn't consider them worthy. So forget their'mighty' pen. The movie is beyond praise or criticism as it joins the predictable long list of prestigious 100+ to 300+ cr club.

    With Salman overtaking the silver screens and Kejriwal doing the same in Delhi streets, Aam aadmi is in for tehelka in India. This Republic Day, it is JAI HO.(Still waiting for a review. Don't ask for silly things and drill some sense in ur bheja.)

    By regular standards, the movie is the 80s nightmare oft-repeated. It is difficult to swallow. Heroine Daisy Shah(30, Afia Mohammed from Afghanistan) dances like a peacock and that's it. She is an eye-candy and also an arm-candy. Nadira Babbar should stop acting if at all that is what she knows. Tabu should wait for good roles. Salman should stop acting opposite kid-heroines. He in many frames looks bulky apology.

    January 26, 14
  • Alekhya Das
    Alekhya Das
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    Jai Ho has a good concept (copied though), but the execution is bad.

    Jai, an upright common man is fighting a retiring war against corruption and unfairness. Honest and incorruptible, he has made it his mission to help as many people as he can. The main theme is quite simple – help somebody and then request that person to lend a helping hand to somebody else – thus forming an ever growing circle of people helping each other. In his mission of creating a unity within a people he crosses paths with an influential political family. How Jai continues his assignment of serving others is the story of the flick.

    Just after I appreciate that Salman comes up with something new apart from his regular illogical movies, an army tank arises in the middle of traffic cutting off the hero from the bad guys to save his life. *FACEPALM*

    There are more sequences where he smashes, bites and screams like a tiger as if he inspires himself to become a tiger again, Ek Tha Tiger Returns

    The screenplay is the major weakness. The movement of the good deed piece has not been logically established. In other words, the build-up to the movement is not very effective. It is the film's backbone and should have been very wonderfully reputable so as to transfer the audience emotionally in the climax. A good screenplay is the major forte for such a film.

    Acting – Salman Khan acts better than his other films. Tabu does good work; she enhances charm to the show. Rest of the cast is Satisfactory.

    Direction – Sohail Khan does an average job. His direction in the dramatic scenes could have been better.

    Music - A big letdown. But Sandeep Shirodkar's background music is decent.

    Actions – Nothing new. Same old Salman Khan action.

    On the whole Jai Ho is a re-creation of the Telugu film, Stalin, which itself was inspired by the Hollywood film, Pay It Forward. So Jai Ho is concoction of normal Salman Khan Movie and an excellent Mimi Leder flick. So it's a moderate one time watch if you are a Bollywood fan or else I will recommend u to watch Pay It Forward

    May 16, 16