• मृदुल
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    Watched #Jal, water. Very good first half with good content. Second half is muddled?????? A good concept is wasted. The movie has traveled to various festivals, may be for its first half focus on the reality of how Flamingoes are dying in the Rann of Kutch due to lack of fresh water but the fictional second half exaggerates the lust of Bakka who survives 10 days on love, without food n WATER n comes out fresh n smiling. May be a WATER_GOD can pull a stunt like that along with his newly married wife. Sadly this water God husband can't fetch her enough water to drink when they both are thrown out of the village and she dies with a baby in her womb....
    One thing for sure...the Kutch visuals in the first half are too good. More inviting than the Gujarat tourism ads.. The Rann of Kutch is worth a visit...and I will go for sure. — feeling my parched throat after Rann of Kutch visuals..

    April 06, 14