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    1. KHOOBSURAT (1980): Rekha, Rakesh Roshan - BEST
    2. KHOOBSURAT (1999): Urmila Matondkar, Sanjay Dutt - MEDIOCRE
    3. KHOOBSURAT (2014): Sonam Kapoor, Fawad Khan - WORST

    Meg Cabot's novel THE PRINCESS DIARIES (2000) was made into a movie (2001) with the same name. Following its success, a sequel THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: ROYAL ENGAGEMENT (2004) was made, which was mediocre. KHOOBSURAT (2014) is based on this sequel. Let's NOT compare it with KHOOBSURAT (1980) as that is like comparing hell with heaven. (Understatement).

    It defies logic why KHOOBSURAT (2014) was ever made? On second thoughts, forget logic, put this question plain and simple and still you won't find an answer.

    Sonam Kapoor (29) doesn't know to act. Were she not her father's daughter, she'd find it impossible to land up any acting role. Forget being a fashionista, she is just a cloth horse, who can at best be a scare crow. With her height, she scares away even the crows along with the audience. Disney had spare change so they invested in this movie. Rest as they say, is history - I mean, literally. This movie is a literal dud. With her hollow cave like mouth, Sonam tries to laugh cheerfully. Reminds me of other 'similar' (flop) star-kids - Esha Deol, Soha Ali Khan, Tushar Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Abhishek Bachchan, Prateek Babbar, etc. Sonam doesn't even have acting boots so she needn't worry about hanging them up. The shoes will hang (YES!) themselves up (mercifully). At, 29 she doesn't get any younger. She doesn't look like a princess.
    Kavvi chali hans ki chaal. Bhool gayi apni bhi chaal.

    Fawad Afzal Khan (32): Let's not talk about Hindustan-Pakistan here. Actors have no boundaries. They are universal. Fawad must have acted for free in this movie for sure. Disney got two for free (Sonam, Fawad) and it wants the audience to pay for this BS of a movie. No ways. Anil Kapoor must have chipped in for advertising, publicity and marketing. UTV must have paid for theatrical rentals. Fawad looks like he is attending a mushaira. The stubble doesn't make him look chic or royal. And he carries his drama acting in this movie. Kiddo, stick to those dramas. And if you wish to progress to Bollywood, learn from Ali Zafar. And that is a tall order.

    End Note: If you still wish to watch this movie, you can - for Kiran Kher is simply superb. And you may ask, where is the review! Well, do today's movies require REVIEWS? They require a kick in the a** for lack of story! Happy Kicking, I mean, sweet dreams over the weekend. smile emoticon

    Narendra Modi should watch this movie along with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Li is KHOOB and Narendra has SURAT. It has SURAT in it. Of course, bad-surat! smile emoticon

    After watching this movie, if you still remember what khoobsurat (beautiful) means, then consider yourself sane. You will also find it hard to decide, who is more khoobsurat - hero or the heroine?

    May 21, 15