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    'Killa' directed by Avinash Arun is a stunning achievement. The story is simple: it tells of an eleven-yer-old seventh-grader called Chinmay. His father has died and mother gets transferred from Pune to a remote village. He struggles to cope up with the school there and the life which he has to embrace. But, as with any child, he finds a place and friends to live and play.
    While the film explores the children and their lives with utmost attention, he also focuses on the life of Aruna, who, both as a working woman and a single mother, has to face.
    The writing by Tushar Paranjape and Upendra Sidhaye overpowers the dramatic execution by Avinash Arun. Even Avinash Arun turns towards multi-tasking, as he also works as the cinematographer of the film, making the village look more stunning, with breezy winds and trips to fortresses looking mesmerizing.
    The film adds childlike zeal to its cast which is all perfect. While Archit Deodhar is amazing as Chinmay, Parth Bhalerao as Suhas and Gaurish Gawade as Yuvraj just steal the show. They are the reason why the film works more than anything this year: the children are more effective than the grownups, and they gear up the film. Amruta Subhash has significant character to play as Aruna Kale, and she plays it with grace and ease.
    Above all, you need to watch 'Killa' because it has infectious effect on your heart, and spreads a big, heartfelt smile on your face. I'm going with 4.5 stars out of 5 for the Marathi film 'Killa'. It is the best Indian film this year.

    September 19, 19