• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    I think Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird" is the yer's most confident directorial debut, which is second only to Konkona SenSharma's "A Death in The Gunj". Searing, lovely and beautifully made, this story is compellingly fashioned, without the excesses and hits the sweetest spots of every part of your body: the brains, the eyes, the privates, the lips... the everything. It promptly leaves you without emotions, which is the perfect climax you could have: and I think this impactlessness does no harm: it serves great to an entertainment-soaked joyride of a film, which is a beautifully coming-of-age, confused and perspective-precise, delightfully feminist tale as well, which is wonderfully objective.

    Sam Levy has to be mentioned for his lovely camerawork: the cinematography is diligent and proficient. I think this is the subtlest close it has really come to designing a film's film-making process at it's overall. I think this fucker has captured all the messiness, the humorous sex scenes, the taut and terse tension between the mother and the daughter, and the headstrong personalities of all of it's female characters is what mostly stays with you. I think the parts involving Lucas Hedges' Danny O'Neill are pretentiously made, because they don't work well, because the discovery that he is gay is something which I felt was totally out of context. Right from the start I thought that there is inherent simplistic-ness to there romance. Infact, I also had tonne of problems with Kyle and her chemistry as well, till there sexual encounter happened which I thought was an amazing scene.

    It truly belongs to Saoirse Ronan's Christine who is so terrific and fiercely perfect that you can't flaw anything that she does. Beanie Feldstein was also really very good, I enjoyed her because she had more to her character than a standard best friend woman. Had this been a Bollywood film, it was going to be loads of fat-shaming. But this case is perfect. There is solid affection to the brand of cinema this film brandishes and truly unleashes, because maybe it's not the finest, but it's the most restrained close teenage films can come to be great crowd-pleasers. I think it's diligent enough to be given shot. It's a clever film that shall be earning most of your whole pleasure button and body language, despite the only one hours and thirty minutes running time it has. I loved it and I think you will, too.

    April 15, 20
  • Soumya Tewari
    Soumya Tewari
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    Although it's not as good as boyhood but lady bird is still worth a watch nevertheless. It's a beautiful story which I could relate to very much. The acting is top notch by the entire cast and the mother daughter chemistry is scintillating to watch. The struggle of a mother is very well portrayed by Laurie Metcalf, she clearly steals the show. The romance and friendship of Catherine is shown very organically. Lady bird is beautifully shot and the screenplay is very engaging. I sometimes feel my life is nothing but a never-ending coming of age story. I'm still trying to understand life and everyday there's so much to learn, you can never know enough. This movie made me realise that we see life just how we deal with autocorrect, we show resentment when things go wrong and forget to appreciate it when things go well. I would highly recommend this movie.

    March 13, 18