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    When you have such a great cast giving their 100%, you are bound to end up creating a lovely film. Anand Tiwari's Love Per Square Foot is such a film that is so tasty and relatable, it has all the ingredients to entice and entertain you. Vicky Kaushal, in his career best performance, and debutante Angira Dhar play two young people looking to buy their own flat in Mumbai. So when an offer that would help them do that without much financial burden comes their way, they brush as acquaintances and then to lovers. Lover Per Square Foot is about their romance and struggle to buy a property in the satellite city, their attempt to maintain romance despite being an inter-regional couple, their ups and downs in life as independent participants in a relationship. And it works wonders. I am massively surprised to learn that Tiwari has impressive direction skills, which enables him to bring out the best in his lead stars and supporting actors like Ratna Pathak Shah, Surpriya Pathak Kapur, and Raghubir Yadav just to name a few. Apart from the brilliant performances, there are a lot of small things that you will enjoy watching in the film that has been written in a politically correct manner whose only aim is to entertain. Although the plot sways to cliched territory towards the end, there is freshness in Tiwari's execution. It's a palpable love story that aims at highlighting the pains and fun of middle-class lifestyle, which comes to the fore through the fantabulous dialogues written by Sumeet Vyas. Everyone involved in making Love Per Square Foot should get together and rejoice for they have made a film that is funny, relevant, and important. It impressed me and made me laugh a lot. TN.

    June 24, 18