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    Post-apocalyptic dramas are actually fun to watch due to their fast pace and suspense-filled deaths. But, Maggie, which can be categorized in the borderline of drama and thriller genres is nothing much to talk about.

    An epidemic has taken control of the world as there is no sign of any vaccine or cure. Mostly because not even once in the film has the cause or origin of the mutation discussed. All one will see in the film is a teenager named Maggie (Breslin) introspecting about why this diseased life was awarded to her and her gloomy father (Schwarzenegger) fooling around in the farm, doing specifically nothing. To put it simply, there is no action in the plot neither is there any development. The cinematography focuses onto the protagonists' faces and I could even count the number of hair in Breslin's left nose hole. 17, from the scene I observed towards the end. But it could be 18 or 19.

    The snail-paced screenplay throws nothing much for its audience to chew, which is like being handed the popcorn basket with no popcorn in it. One will realize that there's nothing more in store for the film to show by as early as the 20th minute. While one can understand the dullness of the thematic film, the degree is unbearable and ennui-inducing, with no respite even in the climax. Schwarzenegger is fine.

    If you are expecting a thrill ride like other popular films in the genre, then Maggie is going straight where the patients in the film go - quarantine.

    BOTTOM LINE: Maggie is a boring drama that forces its audience to await the metamorphosis of a normal person into a zombie, which by the time results in nothing but the metamorphosis of the viewer himself. Avoid.

    RATING: 2 stars out of 10.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    May 29, 15