• Rhiki Ranjan Neupane
    Rhiki Ranjan Neupane
    34 reviews
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    Best : Musical score , adventure , plot
    Weakness : Second half somehow loses grip , predictability

    May 18, 17
  • Pranay Jalvi
    Pranay Jalvi
    39 reviews
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    Unwilling to fix what ain't broke, Disney hews pretty closely to its usual narrative structure in "Moana," while at the same time further expanding its geographical boundaries far from the original Germanic fairy tales that provided the studio's stories for so many decades. Rather than revel in the South Seas kitsch that gave us the Enchanted Tiki Room, this adventure pays fitting tribute to both the natural beauty and the creation myths of the Pacific Islands. If we're looking at the journey and not the destination, "Moana" is thoroughly entertaining if never completely groundbreaking. Moana does what is needed for a good Disney film. With outstanding Visual effects and good musical score, Moana will definitely make its nomination in Best Animated Picture in Oscars. I go with 4/5 for beautifully made Walt Disney creation 'Moana'.

    December 04, 16