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    Well, the title is a creative play on words. And it does tickle ur funny bone (if u've one!). After DHOOM 3, where bikes were the hero, heroine and the other sans story (reflects on viewers' idea of entertainment to make it 250+ cr rich!), JBC is a classic if u want to raise a few harmless cackles. U DON'T need to think (who does now-a-days in a cinema hall) except go on with the happenings on screen and laugh. I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. After D3, I can bravely face anything to avoid terrible head/heart ache! Frankly, JBC is an entertaining fare and u can enjoy it. If u could tolerate D3, this one is a cake talk. It did relieve my D3 anger, made me relaxed and more importantly to look forward to watching other forthcoming idiotic Hindi movies. It's not a bad movie. Give it a chance. Chances r u'll appreciate the earnest effort to entertain us viewers.

    Arshad Farsi was trained and launched by Amitabh Bachchan's god-forsaken acting training school many summers back. The movie along with the school bombed big time but both the actors r still amidst us. And that says a lot! Both've their movies releasing today. SHOLAY 3D is a worthless exercise on the now-classic. The original may still be playing in some Indian cinema hall. Why remake it in 3D when Sunny'll be launching his son soon? I mean, what's the idea behind this futile exercise considering re-releases (MUGHAL E AZAM, HUM DONO, etc) failed big time. This 're release may've tickled someone's fancy. When original is available, I don't wish to go for fancied stuff. Anyways, JBC has done the needful and no stomach for 3D or whatever D! Looking forward to Sunny-son debut! ·~》

    January 31, 14