• Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    I usually abstain myself from rating a film 0%, but earlier this year Roy (2015) and then Ek Paheli Leela (2015) forced me to go ahead with naught. Vikram Bhatt's latest experiment also falls in the same category.

    With a feeble opening sequence, the film begins to confirms its audience's nightmare by constructing a make-believe story on a clumsy and baseless plot. Raghu (Hashmi) is an officer with the anti- terrorist squad who is cheated by his own men and eventually murdered. Only, to find that he's not really dead, but invisible; and helping him in becoming undead is, no prize for guessing, none other than the Almighty. Now, as absurd as it sounds, the writers flounder with the most basic factor involved in a sci-fi setup like this - they fail to distinguish between science and God. And we end up wondering - was it God that made him invisible or science? And if you choose to watch this (which I am advocating you not to), that should be the one thing you must try to find out, for there is not much excitement anywhere else.

    There is dub-step music for revelers if they feel like getting up in between the movie and dance. The dialogs are pure terrible with some examples that goes like "...nahi, tum kanoon mat todo..." as if justice is a ceramic plate, or "...jab science ko kuch pata nahi hota, to samaj lo wo Bhagwan hai..." While Emraan Hashmi is the showman, he clearly does what he was told and I am not much of a fan of his script- choosing abilities. His co-actor Amyra Dastur should have packed her bags the day she was cast opposite Prateik Babbar in her debut film. She CANNOT act. Period.

    In addition, the CGI makes Jaani Dushman (2002) look like a masterpiece. There is no single source of entertainment in this film that one could possibly extract. With scenes copied from Badshah (1999) and The Italian Job (2003), Mr. X should be shoveled right into where most films of the Bhatt clan go: the overfilled dustbin.

    BOTTOM LINE: I cannot be more critical than this and if you still decide to watch it, then let Mr. X save you. 0/10 - fail.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    April 18, 15
  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
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    Mr. X, a film churned out by Bhatt Camp, fails miserably. Initial frames appeared as if the movie might build up an interesting plot of ATD's (Anti Terrorist Department) efforts to save the Chief Minister's life but later turns out to be a mere flick of illogically knit sub-plots of vicious conspiracy, saviours turning out to be murderers, treachery, betrayal, power-hungry dirty games, flashes of romance (though it is hardly romantic), and the main plot of journey of Raghuram Rathod to be the invisible Mr. X. Irony is, Mr. Invisible is hardly invisible, dominates the screen space most of the time.

    Raghuram Rathod (Imraan Hashmi) and his girl friend Sia (Amyra Dastur), are part of ATD. Raghu dares to risk his life to save a group of people kept as hostage by a terrorist group. Sia, reluctantly allows Raghu to risk his life (since she is in love with him). There are moments of passion dispassionately expressed between the two, even when Raghu proposes to her and commits to enter into marital relationship. Before their dream could turn into reality, Raghu is provided with an opportunity to save Chief Minister, whose life is under threat from a terrorist group. But that opportunity turns out to be a trap for Raghu. He finds himself in a big problem, where he is not given a choice but asked to do something which he doesn't approve of. Corny sub-plots and events lead Raghu to become invisible Mr. X who can be viewed in UV light / Sunlight/ Neon light. And there starts the journey of Mr. X taking revenge with those who made his life hell, played with his dreams, and destroyed his very existence itself. Script and screenplay do not build up at all. Sia who claims that Raghu is her only emotional anchor believes at the spur of the moment that he is wrong and starts hating him. And later when she encounters the invisible Mr. X, she infers him to be Raghu just with a simple touch with the invisible. She is able to relate with the Bheeni Bheeni Khushbhu of Raghu and declares to ADP and others that Mr. X is none other than Raghu. It is ironic that Mr. X' body retains the original fragrance even after the accident or chemical treatment of his body. Sia is not surprised / shocked to learn regarding Raghu being alive. She does not even try to understand what he went through, but still knows very well that when and how he can become visible. Sia is shown to be a die-hard honest officer, but neither her heart functions nor her mind. She responded to him with great acrimony most of the time. And Raghu realizes that his transformation to Mr. X is not for his love but to initiate his revenge saga.
    Mr. X is shown in his torn jacket all the time. The logic??? The invisible person doesn't need to take bath, doesn't need to change clothes, but definitely does need love. Even when the whole refinery has caught fire, a telephone line is intact. Raghu who survives this fire is still strong enough to make a call. Neither his appearance changes nor his jacket. Movie fails.

    April 18, 15