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    Now, don’t read that as Unique Serial Killer. But that may also ring true. The tone of the movie is set right from the first frame – Yana Gupta, a sex worker dancing seductively. She is ignorant that a eunuch serial killer Prashant Narayanan (Dheeraj Pandey) is waiting to butcher her to pieces and tape her shrieks begging for mercy. He does exactly this and more (gore) and enjoys himself in his loneliness. He is a drag queen. He dresses up for the occasion too all decked up in red, jewellery, makeup, lipstick, nail polish and wig and is almost effeminate. He butchers like someone slices bread. How can he share his misery with anyone? Even his parents are unaware of his mental state and force him to marry. He turns a sadist and burns his wife with cigarette butts. His torture turns her into a wreck. The parents instead of getting him see a shrink, show him the door. He goes to the hijras and gets himself turned into a proper eunuch. His co-worker says that working in a sculptor’s shop, he would make demon (chudail, rakshasi) statues instead of a devi. He worships devil. And when the shop owner objects, he kills him. A sex worker, whom he calls for services narrates that he was a sadist and was unable to ‘perform’. A psychiatrist (Shweta Kawatra) who delves deeper into his abnormal psyche almost gets killed.

    And when Emraan Hashmi (Arjun Bhagwat, ex-cop) and Pandey accidentally meet, the cell phone connects them. The game is almost over and both guys land in the jail. Here Pandey plays mind games. He fakes amnesia and displays a devious mind – he truly is living the role. Under questioning, he accepts his crime but soon he denies it all. And to save him arrives an influential eunuch Nirmala Pandit, who too is unaware of his (d)evilish self. Taking him away from the police station, they go to the temple where Reshma (Pandey’s previous victim) is seeking refuge with the pujari. At one go, he kills all the three and returns to his den. He invites Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) on a modeling assignment. But Arjun arrives before Priya. A fight ensues and the bad guy breathes his last. And the movie ends on a ‘happy’ note. Poetic justice has been done. But has justice been done really?

    The villain walks away with our sympathy. Narayanan is not only a eunuch, he is psychotic misogynist. As a helpless person, Pandey tugs at our heart strings. He didn’t deserve to die. He deserved to be treated. But he had degenerated to such a state where death alone was his cure. But Narayanan’s Dheeraj Pandey has given Bollywood a new villain, who will always be uneasily remembered. For deviant characters leave this indelible stamp, which will not be easily erased just like their on-screen crimes. M2 has Narayanan written all over it. Terror has a new name. This villain is not menacing but his devil-may-care killings curdle our blood. And his victims’ shrieks will forever ring loud. If Narayanan likes sounds in real life, his cell phone will not stop ringing for a long

    August 13, 13