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    Alekhya Das
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    Non-Stop just as the title advocates is strictly an around-the-clock action packed thriller movie.

    Non-Stop just as the title advocates is strictly an around-the-clock action packed thriller movie.

    Liam Neeson crews up with the Unknown director, Jaume Collet Serra. I am a huge fan of his action thrillers like Taken series, Unknown, The Grey, The A-team etc. He is in his sixties now but he looks great as always.

    The movie is set on a plane from New York City to London, when the protagonist being a former NPYD and a current Air Marshall gets coercions on his secured line about transferring $150 million in a bank account or a person deceases every 20 minutes. As time goes by, we get to more about his life and chain of increasingly improbable plot twists.

    It's truly a rock-hard plot as it is purely innovative and I haven't seen a story in the recent whiles. The opening minutes are firm as the director introduces us to the main characters that we will be spending the majority of our period with including Julianne Moore who was keen and a hostile traveler. The show goes pretty fine as it keeps the audience guessing till the pre-climax where we have some unforeseen twists and turns which was fairly bare. Though I enjoyed the climax but could have been more exciting like the total plot. The action is really incredible especially the climax gun shot.

    Acting – Neeson as Bill Marks is one of the greatest reasons for such a great victory of the film. He plays a role of bothered man who gets himself in such a situation. He verifies that he is indeed a great performer and an excellent action hero. Moore is more or less okay in her own way. The backup cast has done a pleasant job.

    Director – He has done a terrific job by generating a silence, nervous atmosphere throughout the whole flick. He preserved the movie's pace; leaving no room with needless plasters that tends to slog the story. There are a few plot holes here and there, but the stout performances relief a lot to keep the movie intense and attractive.

    Music – Marvelous Exertion! Flawless Soundtrack for such a movie!

    Largely a great 1 hour 46 mins journey filled with great suspense, thrill, action, tragedy and few gags. It was overall a fascinating experience with the strong acts creating it a must watch for all action- thriller lovers :)

    May 16, 16