• Neonika
    27 reviews
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    I loved this movie for its courage and its comical and satirical flair. Paresh Rawal is a gem of a talent and he doesn't disappoint in any regard. Akshay Kumar's Krishna avatar is also endearing. Mithun Charkraborty and the others have all played excellent supporting roles. Had me laughing throughout. Religious fanaticism and insurance policies are two things the world could certainly live without!

    June 01, 13
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
    94 reviews
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    Low on production value but high on content. You can easily notice not so subtle approach towards a noble subject but that doesn't take away the browny points gained by gripping screenplay and witty dialogues. Mithun and Akshay make good use of their short but important roles. But from start to finish, it's Paresh Rawal who runs the show like a pro.

    May 24, 13