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    i enjoyed karthi's action in this movie ,nag done his job

    July 24, 17
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    On this auspicious Sunday, I would like to wish all my friends & well wishers a peaceful & joyful Easter. It's been a while since I had watched a Tamil movie & when I happened to see the trailer of "Thozha" which is actually a bilingual with the Telugu flick titled "Oopiri", it kinda enticed me to check it out. Actually the primary reason for that being the combination of Nagarjuna & Karthi which seemed to ooze oodles of bromance. So was it as good as the tempting trailer???

    Sreenu (Karthi) is a petty thief who was out on parole & on the look out for a suitable job which would earn him brownie points with the judiciary to earn an early release from prison. His search eventually leads him to the quadriplegic billionaire Vikram (Nagarjuna) who was seeking the assistance of a caretaker. Inspite of numerous qualified applicants, Vikram appointed Sreenu as the latter seemed to impart a positive vibe which lifted his spirits. As for Sreenu, he couldnt have hoped for a better job & though reluctant decided to take it up seeing the posh lifestyle that he could enjoy being there. In due time, both of them warm up to each other & as to how each one proves to be an inseparable part of each one's life forms the crux of the movie.

    Since I am not so well versed with Telugu movies, I would have to admit that I haven't watched much of Vamsi Paidipally's previous ventures except for "Yevadu" which was inspired from "Face off". To be frank, I had watched it since I am a huge fan of Allu Arjun (like many other Malayalis) & though it didn't quite blow me off I was kinda satisfied with what the film offered. His latest effort is an inspiration yet again as it is the official remake of the French movie "The Intouchables". Since I haven't watched the original, there is no point of reference which is good in a way as we inevitably tend to be biased towards the original. The biggest positive of the movie is undoubtedly the chemistry between Nagarjuna & Karthi which was brilliant to say the least. A special word of mention for the dialogues by Raja Murugan which was both hilarious & insightful. However, rather than being crisp Vamsi chose to touch on a myriad of issues including the sequence in Paris that was way too long & laborious making the audience look at their watches which doesnt augur well for Praveen's editing credentials. As for other aspects, Gopi Sundar's music was average while P S Vinod deserves praise for his visuals.

    Karthi was aptly casted as Sreenu since the character had to be mischievous & project a declasse attitude which comes quite naturally to him. Even Nagarjuna has given a praise worthy performance as the serene billionaire with a heart of gold though I felt he wasn't as effective when it came to displaying the vulnerability of a disabled person. As for the rest of the cast, Prakash Raj & Jayasudha was impressive while Vivek barely got noticed & Tamannah had more to do being an eye candy rather than perform. Even Kalpana was there in a small role which I believe was the last movie she had worked on before she breathed her last in Hyderabad. There were a host of cameos as well which included Anushka, Shriya etc which didnt provide them much scope for performance.

    Verdict: With an enviable star cast the film should have the initial hype working in its favour & with the story also being reasonably good, I would expect it to become a superhit or maybe even a blockbuster. It's surely a feel good movie with ample dosage of bromance. There is no doubt that the film would have been much better off if they have edited about half an hour, but inspite of that it's worth watching. In short, wont hurt to give it a try!!!

    Rating: 3/5


    September 16, 16
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