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    Looking at 'Parinda' as a classic or a cult classic is pleasing because it was a trendsetter for the gangster dramas in Bollywood of unsettling gore, inspiring another film 'Satya' of Ram Gopal Varma nine years later. And it carries embellished performances especially by the diligent Anil Kapoor, followed by Nana Patekar, Jackie Shroff and the young Madhuri Dikshit.

    But it is also a beautiful motif of taking a flight which powers it's pertinent story-telling and enjoyable plot which mines into it's peace-at-the-gunpoint nature. It's exceptional make by Vidhu Vinod Chopra also benefits it. This is a recommended watch, and an essential viewing, if only to understand how well has the skilled, un-mainstream Bollywood aged. Yes it's unwieldy and romantically fragile, but it stays with you and mostly that is enough. 'Parinda' is the most fun gangster film Bollywood has ever had. Sure there have been better films, but it's touch of lightness and lovely music makes it a realm of cinematic beauty.

    April 07, 20