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Pather Panchali

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Pather Panchali is a 1955 Bengali drama film directed by Satyajit Ray and produced by the Government of the Indian state of West Bengal. Based on Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay's 1929 Bengali novel of the same name, the film was the directorial debut of Ray. The first film of The Apu Trilogy, it depicts the childhood of the protagonist Apu in the countryside of Bengal in the 1920s.Wikipedia

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Audience Reviews for Pather Panchali

  • Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
    300 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Pather Panchali is not just a film, its a feeling, a feeling which can one be intimate with only oneself. As a child, I understood little of it. But when maturity screened the film again for me, I was left with tears in my eyes. Emotional, sentiment and atmospheric, 'Pather Panchali' is an important character in my love story with Indian cinema. Satyajit Ray's genius is alone commendable. These characters- Apu and Durga- are always the children inside me. They have fun and they are fun, but they are always emotionally mature and come with in-depth thoughtfulness. The setting of rural Bengal breathes with soulful rhythm. The melody of the sound of the train amidst the 'kash phool' in the beautiful, arresting festival of Durga Puja fills you with wide-eyed wonder. The climax is sure to tear you apart with its moving subtlety. The film is to be seen as full-bodied original and not a part of the Apu trilogy, and only then can you take the essence of the film as your own. This film is a great pillar of Indian cinema and a pioneer of writing the script. Or did Ray conjure it? well, I would believe in the latter. The film is a magic. It has a beat, a beat no film could ever produce. A hue no film can ever match. And that's why it is the best of Indian cinema ever.

    September 22, 19
  • Dev
    32 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    "Pather panchali" Directed by Satyajit Ray, is a rare accomplishment that is known for its originality, deeply moving and soul stirring approach. It is the story of a boy named apu living in the village ready to explore nature and the world around him.It feels so natural that it doesn't feel like a movie, and you are attached to the apu and family the moment you saw them. Every frame of the movie felt like painting and you want to be lost in it.It tells us about the nature that gives us everything and also takes something from us and still the journey goes on.

    March 12, 16
  • Alekhya Das
    Alekhya Das
    9 reviews

    Satyajjt Ray's mother had to sell her jewelry so that his son can make this movie because no producer was coming forward to produce this. Nobody went to the cinemas to watch this movie when it released in Kolkata. Then it went abroad, won a lot of prestigious awards and then all shows were going housefull. That's how India got it's BEST, i repeat, the BEST director till date.

    I'm too film handicap to judge this movie. This is a gem. Every single scene is looks like a million dollar pic. Absolute brilliant.

    May 16, 16