• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    Vikas Bahl's 'Queen' is a revolutionary candyfloss cinematic experience. Not only is it the most deliciously entertaining film of the year, but it is so hard-hitting that it is also the strongest Hindi- Indian- film of the year. Not only does it capitalize the women quite effectively, it celebrates their indpendence. A woman doesn't need someone to make friends- meet herself. And that's what makes it a really solid drama, and let me report, after 19 years of DDLJ we have got a classic again.
    It is Kangana Ranaut's most well pulled off performance. The best performance by a female actor in this decade. She is smart, ferocious, timid and free. She is written really well- she has all the priceless moments in the film, and ofcourse, she IS the film. The story of a middle class valued girl dumped in marriage by her to-be husband is surely emotional. But what follows is what makes it a standout banger- she is going to her honeymoon alone. She is going to Paris without a partner. There, she will make friends. There, she will meet her life, lost somewhere in the gusty Delhi mornings.
    Above anything, 'Queen' is the brilliant mainstream cinema we longed for. Not only does it tell its story woth conviction, it ultimately changes the template of women's stories in Hindi cinema. So its a 4.5 out of 5 for 'Queen'. Make sure you watch it. It's the most fun Hindi film this year.

    September 26, 19
  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
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    This Film Will Easily Feature In Top 10 Indian Female Centeric Film & This Tells About Women Empowerment In The Best Way.I Never Liked Kangana But She Is Unbelievable In This Movie, Makes You Realise That It Is Someone Else.

    May 09, 16
  • Lasit Roy
    Lasit Roy
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    The guts she holds is superb. Good entertainer and yeah revolutionary.

    November 30, 15
  • Neonika
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    This is such a landmark film to come out of Bollywood. A woman's journey from being dumped on the eve of her wedding, to her self-discovery and self-reliance. It will definitely go down in history as one of the game changers for the roles of women in Indian cinema.

    May 18, 15
  • Dev
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    'Queen' directed by vikas bahl is a entertaining one and easily one of the kangna's best work. Its a must watch and your emotions just flow with kangana's acting rather it will be shorter (just 10 minutes) because i am exhausted in the end.Lisa Haydon as vijaylakshmi look gorgeous and a good actor.

    March 20, 14
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    8th March is International Women's Day and Queen celebrates it with panache. When Rani played amazingly brilliant by Kangana Ranaut discovers herself on her solo honeymoon trip in Paris and Amsterdam, she comes back to India with a winning smile on her face. The same smile is pasted on your face throughout the movie. There is hardly any feminine emotion left that is not being touched upon in this witty, gritty, funny, emotional and very subtle cinematic portrayal of finding that a woman is more than being a mother, a sister or a wife. The movie talks in the language of love and affection which is not bound by the country in which you were born. All foreign characters here, be it Indian French single mother, the child-like Japanese guy, the European artist, the French restaurant owner or the black guy here play true to their cultures and don't seem fake at all. After Kangana, movie belongs to writer-director Vikas Bahl who shall be remembered now forever for penning this neat story and screenplay flooded with so many fresh and out of box ideas. So don't wait, go and experience the fun (read hungama) with your friends. It is one of the finest cinematic work of Bollywood. Period.

    March 07, 14
  • Nagma
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    Kangana proves her acting prowess with this movie. You really need to watch her metamorphose into this beautiful butterfly towards the end of her honeymoon journey!!
    The story revolves around this lady - Rani, from a Punjabi dominated area in Rajouri (Delhi) who is all set to marry a guy settled in London.
    She dreams of seeing Paris...Eiffel tower with her loverboy.
    Alas! marriage does not work out but she wants to fulfill her dream of seeing Paris & Amsterdam on her own.
    Her simple and naive character is quite impressive along with a touch of persistence and bravery (her muscle tussle with a thief on a lonely street of Paris is to watch out for!!).
    A girl who has never seen life ahead of going to college and making sweets gradually realises her worth and understands that life is not just about doing things that every human is expected to do but doing things you WANT to do!!
    There are scenes where you naturally tend to empathise with this queen especially when she actually visits Eiffle tower all alone!!
    Beauty of the movie is that there is no "mahatma" guiding her to wade through difficult times, it is she and she alone who trips, falls,struggles, introspects and finally WINS!!
    So go and see her dance the way you have never imagined before!
    QUEEN ne woh thumke lagaye to........HUNGAMA HO GAYA!!!

    March 15, 14