• Pranay Jalvi
    Pranay Jalvi
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    Raaz Reboot has the same old stuff that we have seen a zillions times.Raaz Reboot is mediocre fare and may appeal only to fans of the Raaz franchise.Most of its horror sequences are so random that they evoke laughter instead of fear. That can never be a good proposition for a horror film.Though the film has a few scary scenes, it ends up being a clichéd love story instead of a horror flick. The music by Jeet Ganguly, Sangeet and Sidharthy Haldipur is melodious, especially the title track. However, the movie doesn't really offer you a solid reason for watching it. I would go with 2/5 for this successor of Raaz franchise and would advise not to watch it and go for 'PINK' instead of it.

    December 24, 16
  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
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    Raaz Reboot, a film written and directed by Vikram Bhatt, is the fourth one in the horror film series Raaz. This film is actually a reboot, since it just refreshes our memories of previous Raaz series. It does not bring any novelty in the horror genre from Bhatt Camp. As in all the Bhatt films, the music in this film is really great, which is the only solace. But the songs are not interspersed properly in the screenplay. This horror flick is very much clichéd. The beginning appeared to be promising, but just 15 minutes into the film, the plot seemed very much familiar. It is very easy to predict that who is the antagonist playing the evil spirit. And then the mantras and tantras to drive away the spirits begin, entry of extortionist to kick out the spirit, all looked so much familiar.
    The film begins with Rehaan (Gaurav Arora) and Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda) relocating to Romania from Mumbai. It was Kriti’s insistence that Rehaan should take the new job offer in Romania. Rehaan was not at all keen to take up this offer and shift to Romania, but he finally decides to relocate. This is where he had first met Kriti five years ago, fallen in love, proposed her and decided to get married. The initial shots itself make it clear that there were some strong reasons for Rehaan’s uncomfortability in relocating back to Romania. There is some secret behind this. Though they shift, the difference of opinion between Rehaan and Shaina does strain their relationship (this was so illogically portrayed).
    Then the story unfolds further and gets into predictive mode. Shaina gets to see somebody in the house, she starts feeling the presence of someone in and around her. She is sure that the house is haunted. Various regular patterns of evil spirit’s appearance along with special background music follows. Shaina finds it difficult to make Rehaan believe. But Aditya, her ex-boyfriend (Emraan Hashmi) believes Shaina. Together they try to find out answers to their queries.
    How the identity of the evil spirit is explored? Who is the evil spirit and what is its motive? What could be the secret of Rehaan ? What is the role of Aditya in this film ? How does Rehaan ultimately believe Shaina ? There is no second opinion that one would not find any challenge in finding responses to these queries, since the plot itself is very much predictable. You might have seen all these in previous films of Raaz series – Raaz, Raaz-The Mystery Continues and Raaz 3D.
    The performance by Kriti is average. Gaurav and Emraan have comparatively lesser screen time but they are good, although nothing much to do.
    Raaz Reboot is actually a reboot, since it just refreshes our memories of previous Raaz series – Raaz, Raaz-The Mystery Continues and Raaz 3D. It does not bring any novelty in the horror genre from Bhatt Camp. Watch it only if horror intrigues you, but beware of not getting scared at all.

    September 17, 16
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    Modern Bollywood horror films tend to unintentionally induce humor, and this fourth installment in the popular Raaz franchise is no different.

    Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda) and her husband Rehaan (Gaurav Arora) have just moved to Romania, the birth place of Count Dracula. While Shaina is hoping to start a family here, Rehaan is preoccupied with something, which the audience have to assume to be what the title suggests (a secret). He behaves like he has ants in his pants and refuses to help her with her mission despite of it being a tempting one. As one can predict, it doesn't take much time for Shaina to experience ghost-like occurrences in the mansion that they live in, and before soon, she is possessed with a so-called spirit. Rehaan regrets his recent rude behavior with his wife, and scrambles to make her sane again, with the help of psychometric, the only new and interesting topic in the whole film.

    I will say this straight out: there's nothing new in the film, which we could have easily guessed, given that the title suggests pretty much everything it had in store for us. Life of a seemingly happy couple turns upside down when one of them gets possessed whereas the unaffected one tries to pull some strings and chants "Hail Mary!" along with that weirdo of an exorcist to make the person sane again. Typical story-line straight out of the horror genre shelf, with some tweaks here and there in dribs and drabs. Emraan Hashmi comes out of a possible fugue state and enters the scene halfway and convolutes the plot just so people could distinguish between the films in the franchise in future. Otherwise, no one would be able to tell the four films apart from each other, save the mercy of the non-recurring actors.

    There are lots of problems (or errors, as I like to call them here) with the plot and the way the characters speak with each other. Of course, the CBFC was right when it accused the film of using f-words non-sparingly. The ghost in the film seems to be a real performer, providing glimpses of her repertoire while she is in the act of scaring other characters. Her diction is pretty narrow and words obviously hated by CBFC takes up half of it. The fact that the plot unfolds in an exotic place like Romania does not even start to help the film from slipping down the drain.

    Hashmi is the only bearable person. Poor man's Karan Singh Grover, Gaurav Arora, looks like he came right out of the Love Games (2016) sets and pretended he was kicking up a fight with his co-star of that film, Patralakeha. No chemistry between any of the couples in the film, unless you consider contrived scenes involving foreplay as romance.

    Hasmi's films are usually a one-time affair, but this one did not even get the songs right, which is a travesty.

    BOTTOM LINE: Vikram Bhatt's "Raaz: Reboot" tries to reboot itself by manually going to the Windows start menu, clicking on the Power option, and then confirming Restart. The only problem is that before it can complete the action, it gets the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error, which can only be rectified if you "shut down and then try again". Skip it!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

    September 16, 16
  • Meenank Minnu
    Meenank Minnu
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    I felt it scary, my friends felt it scary, my GF felt it scary. I don't understand why people aren't getting scared. ?
    A horror movie releases rarely and if this genre isn't supported then we gotta see the end of Horror Movies in Bollywood.?

    Such kind of movies should be supported when released. The storyline was a bit gross, but it wasn't too bad either !

    It's a one time watch for sure. If anyone wants to freak their friends out and prefer Bollywood, I would suggest them Raaz Reboot. ?

    September 26, 16