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    Well, u read that right. Move over Ragini. Sunny has taken over. And how. From the first frame to the last, it has Sunny written all over it. Most of our heroines cannot act and end up emoting by contortions.

    Here is an innocent pristine ex-adult star (imported from Canada) who gives dollar value for rupee. She lights up the screen by her mere presence. Of course her acting is like icing on the cake. But then a horror show without skin show and oomph is incomplete. Sunny is in a no holds bar zone.

    She holds nothing back. What has she to lose except gain theatre-filled viewers. And lusty cheers abound. She deserves and devours attention. There is no cheapness in her act. It flows so naturally. Reminded me of boneless Helen.

    Sunny is so empowering without being forceful, that I forgot the movie or the movie within the movie. She is enigmatic. She is she. I loved the songs -Baby Doll. Oh yes, she is. She drips moments of pure desire.

    After this movie, her market will skyrocket. But I shudder to think what will happen to Sunny Deol paaji, whose movie is releasing next week and whose stars are in unsunny zone. He has tough competition. Fact is both r Punjabis. Both r physical on-screen. It'll be a day if Leone promotes Deol.

    The movie collected: Fri: 8.50; Sat: 7.50; Sun: TBD. Points to the lass's appeal.

    Sunny deo toh Sunny Leone. The empress takes a bow. Hail whatever!

    May 21, 15