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    Finally the IPL is over & the South Indian spice was on offer with CSK reaching the finals yet again. So this week Prabhu Deva have decided to spice up the screens with his latest venture "Rowdy Rathore". After the success of "Wanted", "Dabaang" & "Singham", South Indian flavour has been one of the most sought out formula in Bollywood. With Akki returning to the action genre after a hiatus, the audiences are expecting for some fireworks on display. So will the masses get their money's worth???

    Remade from the Telugu blockbuster, "Vikramarkudu", the plot has been retained pretty much the same with Shiva (Akki), a small time crook falling in love with Priya (Sonakshi Sinha). However, during one of his con acts he ends up being the guardian to a kid who believes him to be her father. With time, things get even worser as he is subjected to a series of attacks which were not of his doing. So who were these people & why were they after him???

    Actually this is Prabhu Deva's second directorial venture in Bollywood after the blockbuster "Wanted". He hasn't tweaked with the aesthetics of the original & packaged it as an action flick with a comic relief. The first half focuses on the lighter moments while the latter half is heavy duty stuff retaining the entertainment quotient throughout with an eye on the masses. From a script point of view, it treads along predictable lines with a larger than life hero who finally bashes the villain to submission against all odds. Undoubtedly the action sequences are the USP of the film which has been choreographed in typical South Indian style. The visuals by Santhosh Thundiyil were fine while the music by Sajid Wajid was average though the mood & choreography imparted to it will have the audience in raptures.

    Akki is back to his familiar territory as he carries out the dare devilry with elan. Add onto that comedy coupled with goofiness & loud clothing, & viola we get Akki at his best. Though devoid of much scope for her acting skills, Sonakshi Sinha provides the oomph factor with her mid-riff in focus more than her face. Nasser was first rate as the unkempt villain while the rest of the cast seemed fine.

    Verdict: I wont be surprised if majority of the critics slam the movie but there is no doubt that the movie will have a fantastic initial from all centres. It wont appeal much to the Multiplex audiences, however the single screens should be running to packed houses in many parts of North India. In short, it's the same old stuff but Akki's presence in a South Indian style will appeal to the masses!!!

    Rating: 2.5/5


    September 18, 16