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    'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster', depite its setting of the socio-politically triggered badlands, isn't quite as culturally contextual as it wants to be. And still, it has everything on the right place. And so, it works as hell!
    Tigmanshu Dhulia creates the badlands of Uttar Pradesh with a hint of Bhansali majesty and treats it like Anurag Kashyap's Dev. D. And that makes for riveting cinema. Starring Jimmy Sheirgill and Mahi Gill (a great couple in all aspects), it is centered on politics and sex getting hand-in-hand in modern India. With some impeccable and richly rewarding moments, it has its own moments. No, its far, far, far away from SBG of Guru Dutt and Mina Kumaari, but it is still enjoyable. Tigmanshu has well crafted the film because no film this year had so much, as in, moments than this one. It strongly capitalizes the role of Chhoti Rani played by Mahi Gill.
    I'm going with 3 stars for 'SBG'. Well, we've had better films this year previously, and further better films shall come. But for this time let's say it's really one of the best Hindi films of the year.

    September 29, 19